Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness serves to provide current information including campus strategic planning processes; assessment reports of student learning outcomes in degree program offerings; survey summaries of student, faculty and staff perceptions of all areas of the college; and compilation of institutional and demographic data that enables the faculty, staff and administration to fulfill the goals of the mission statement.

Institutional Assessment

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness endorses the SACSCOC definition of Assessment as the systematic collection, review (ie, analysis), and use of information about an activity or unit undertaken for the purpose of making decisions and consistent judgments, including taking actions, that are designed to enhance operations and activities of the unit, and improve the performance.

 J. Mark Knowles                                                                                     
Director, Institutional Effectivess & Assessment            
Madison Monroe Educ Bldg, Office 211                 

Institutional Research

The I/R Coordinator is responsible for the submission of all college local/state/federal mandated reports and data. After a data file is certified, the I/R Coordinator will post the summary edit received from the Coordinating Board to the I/R Data Website (restricted)along with summary reports.

     Petra M. Uzoruo                                           
    Coord of Institutional Research & Reporting    
    Madison Monroe Educ Bldg,Office 208 B
    (409)984-  6151