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Lamar State College Port Arthur House Bill 2504 Course Syllabi

House Bill 2504

Fall 2010 Course Syllabi

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Faculty NameCourse   Up Arrow 
Kathleen, Kotaska 0301
Mark, Knowles
Sherry, Steele
Mark, Knowles
Sherry, Steele
Mark, Knowles
Sherry, Steele
Mark, Knowles 0
Sherry, Steele 0332 m
0332 m
Mark, Knowles
Anthony, Salvato 1302-73 LSCP
Ruth, Megnet 1316 Drawing Mat
1316 Drawing Syl
1316 Drawin
1316 Outline and Calendar
1317 Drawing Mat
1317 Drawing Syl
1317 Drawin
Charlotte, Hamilton 1330
Donna, Price 1330
Lisa, Smith 1330
Brandon, Buckner 136
Kathleen, Sibley 2010 Syllabus
William, Duncan 2301-20 Hybrid I-
2301-20 Hybrid II-
2302-73 II-
Ruth, Megnet 2316 Drawing Mat
2316 Drawing Syl
2316 Drawin
Jon-Michael, Wallace A1 MWF Syllabu
A1 TTh Syllabu
Aaron, Horne Aaron Horne MUSP 1204
Aaron Horne Syllabus MUSC 1235
Aaron Horne Syllabus MUSC 2330
Aaron Horne Syllabus MUSP 1242
Aaron Horne Syllabus MUSP 1242-51
Ronald, Carlin ACCT 2301 SYLLABUS F
Sheila, Guillot ACNT 1303 Intro to
Patricia, Granger ACNT 1431 Tax
Greg, Kares Acoustics (official)
Andrea, Munoz Andrea's Syllabus EDUC-1300 Syllabus M
Heath, Vercher
Ruth, Megnet Art Appr. 1301 Syllabus
Art Appreciation 1301 syl
Greg, Kares Audio 3 (1)
Audio 3 (2)
Daniel, Harriman
Sheila, Guillot Automotive Internshi
Beverly, Gaspard BCIS 1305 Syllabus-
Nancy, Longlet BIOL 1406 - Outlin
BIOL 1406 Lab - Outlin
BIOL 2401-01 - Lecture Outlin
BIOL 2401-73 - Outlin
BIOL 2401-73 L
BIOL 2402-73 LAB - Outline-O
Percy, Jordan Biology 240
Biology 240
blank sy
blank sy
Lawanda, Brown Brown's syllabus
Lowell, Boudreaux BU
Sheila, Guillot Business Technology Internshi
Althea, Granger C
Charleen, Commings C. COMMING
Edward, Quist C.L. website
JoEllen, Green CA
Robert, Peeler CETT 1303 As
CETT 1325 As
James, Pitre Class Time Line Math 312- 50
Class Time Line Math 313_51
James, Cammack Cla
Edward, Quist College
College S
Heath, Vercher
Ruth, Megnet Computers in
Beverly, Gaspard COSC 1301 Syllabus-
Patricia, Schipplein
Ray, Sweat CO
Kathleen, Kotaska course calendar
Alex, Monceaux course numbers for 03
Alice, Nelson Course Re
Edward, Quist Crim. website
Cindy, Guidry
Donna, Cathey
Jon-Michael, Wallace Cubase Syllabu
Peggy, Knight Daily Lesson Plan-Eng
Daily Lesson Plans-
Mike, Deasy Deas
Kimberly, Jones
Thomas, Cox
Mark, Knowles deptSYLLA
Wanda, Borne deptS
Alex, Monceaux Detailed Course Work LSC-P
Detailed Course Work LSC-P
Laura, Stafford DRA
Lowell, Boudreaux ECO
Glenda, Dupuis EDUC 1100
EDUC 1100
Carol, Barbay EDUC 1100-01 - Learning
EDUC 1100-03 - Learning
EDUC 1100-07 - Learning
Andrea, Munoz EDUC 1300 02 MW
Robert, Peeler EDUC 1300 02 MW
EDUC 1300 02 TR
Andrea, Munoz Educ 1300 Day 1 Handout Fa
Robert, Peeler Educ 1300 Day 1 Handout Fa
Educ 1300 Day 1 Handout Fal
Educ 1300 Day 1 Handout Fa
EDUC 1300-01 MWF Due Dates
Marilyn, Trevey ED
Robert, Peeler EDUC-1300 Syllabus F
EDUC-1300 Syllabus M
EDUC-1300-03 Syllabus TR F
EDUC-1300-05 Syllabus TR F 2
Marilyn, Trevey Education Syllabus 1301-Introduction to the Teaching
Zebulon, Lowe Eng 1301
Eng 1302 c
Marilyn, Trevey EN
Sally, Byrd ENGL 130
David, Sorrells ENGL 1301 - Introductory English C
Michelle, Judice ENGL 1301 - Introductory English C
Sally, Byrd ENGL 1301 - Introductory English Co
ENGL 1301
David, Sorrells ENGL 1302 - English Comp
Michelle, Judice ENGL 1302 - English Comp
ENGL 2321 - British
Charles, Gongre ENGL 2326 - Masterworks of American Literat
ENGL 2326 - Masterworks of American
Sally, Byrd ENGL 233
Alex, Monceaux English 0317 Daily Cours
Zebulon, Lowe En
Edward, Quist F.L. website
Carolyn, Brown Fall 2010 130
Dana, Spark-Bush Fall 2010 130
Ralph, Hatchel Fall 2010 130
Tanya, Woods Fall 2010 130
Carolyn, Brown Fall 2010 150
Dana, Spark-Bush Fall 2010 150
Ralph, Hatchel Fall 2010 150
Tanya, Woods Fall 2010 150
Charlotte, Hamilton Fall 2010 1510
Donna, Price Fall 2010 1510
Kathy, Humphries Fall 2010 1510
Kathleen, Sibley Fall 2010 Intro Syllabus
Ken, Carona Fall 201
Charlotte, Hamilton Fall 2010 VNSG 1463
Donna, Price Fall 2010 VNSG 1463
Kathy, Humphries Fall 2010 VNSG 1463
Lisa, Smith Fall 2010 VNSG 1463
Ken, Carona Fall 201
Peggy, Knight Fall syl
Thomas, Cox GAME 1303-01 Intro to Game
Mavis, Triebel GOVT 2301
GOVT 2301
Albert, Thigpen Govt 2301 Syllabus
Mavis, Triebel
William, Duncan GOVT 2301-01 I-
GOVT 2301-01 II-
GOVT 2301-60 I-
GOVT 2301-60 II-
Mavis, Triebel GOVT 2302
GOVT 2302
Glenda, Dupuis HECO 1
Herman, Hebert Herman Hebert'
Sheila, Guillot HITT 1305 Med Term
HITT 1305-20 Medical Terminology (hybrid)
HPRS 2331 General Health Professions
Thomas, Cox HRPO 1191-02
HRPO 1191-03
Edward, Quist I & I Co
I & I website
Thomas, Cox IMED 1316-01 Web Design I
William, Andress
Edward, Quist Intro. website
Patricia, Schipplein
James, Cammack ITSC 140
Patricia, Schipplein
Thomas, Cox ITSC 1401-01 Intro to Computers
ITSC 1401-02 Intro to Computers
ITSC 1401-50 Intro to Computers
Sheila, Guillot ITSW 1301 Intro to Word
Patricia, Schipplein
James, Pitre JRPitr
Jodi, Broussard KINE 1238-01 - Physical Fitness and Sports
KINE 1304-01 - Health an
Kristel, Kemmerer
Joyce, Alexander Lamar State CollegeCource Syllabus
Ruth, Megnet Lectur
Greg, Kares Live Sound 1(official)
Edward, Quist LRW website
Anthony, Salvato LSCPA 1301.50
LSCPA 1301.60-61
Alex, Monceaux LSC-PA English 0302
LSC-PA English 0317
Anthony, Salvato LSCPA_1301.73
Mark, Knowles MATH 0312 - Pr
Sherry, Steele Mat
Kimberly, Jones Mat
Wanda, Borne mat
Sherry, Steele Mat
Kimberly, Jones Mat
Sherry, Steele Mat
Mark, Knowles MATH 0313 - Introductor
Kimberly, Jones Mat
Sherry, Steele Mat
Kimberly, Jones Mat
Wanda, Borne Ma
Mark, Knowles MATH 0332 - Intermediat
William, Decker Math 033
Sherry, Steele Mat
Kimberly, Jones Mat
Sherry, Steele Mat
Math 0
Math 0
Kimberly, Jones Mat
Michelle, Askew math 1314 syllabus-
math 1314 syllabus-fall on
math 1325 syllabus-
Martha, Pate
Michelle, Askew math 2312 syllabus-
Billy, McQueen MCQuee
Sheila, Guillot MDCA 1205 Medical Law
MDCA 1343 Medical
Jill, Kares M
Percy, Jordan micro lec sc
Micro syllabus2
Jon-Michael, Wallace MIDI Syllabus Official
Jill, Kares MusFund
Lowell, Boudreaux NHSsyll
Shalanda, Allen NURA 1160 - Basic Nursing (Cli
NURA 1301 - Bas
Ruth, Megnet Outline and Calendar 1317
Outline and Calendar 2316
Jodi, Broussard PHED 1101-01 - Fitnes
William, Duncan PHIL 13
PHIL 130
Otis, Byrd PHYS 1405-01 - M
PHYS 1405-01
Ronald, Taylor PHYSICAL GEOLOGY 201
Heath, Vercher
Jill, Kares Pian
James, Pitre Pitrejr_SYLLABU
Patricia, Granger POFI 2340 Advanced Word
Sheila, Guillot POFM 1302 Medical Software Ap
POFM 2333 Medical Document Product
Brenda, Duhon POFT 1301-01 - Busines
Patricia, Granger POFT 1301-01 Busine
POFT 1309-01 Administrative Office Pr
POFT 1313 Pr
Nancy, Cammack POFT 131
Patricia, Granger POFT 1319 Records M
Brenda, Duhon POFT 1329 - Beginning Ke
Patricia, Granger POFT 1359 Records and Information Man
POFT 2301 Intermediate K
Sheila, Guillot POFT 2331 Administrative Syst
Carol, Barbay PSYC 2301-01 - General Psycholog
PSYC 2301-20 - General Psychology
PSYC 2301-73 - General Psychology
PSYC 2314-20 - Lifespan
PSYC 2314-73 - Lifespan
James, Powell PT
Edward, Quist R.P. Website
Ronald, Carlin RC CURRIC
Marilyn, Trevey Reading Syllab
Robert, Trevey Reading Syllab
Mark, Douglas RNSG 1300 Syllabu
Nancy, Longlet RNSG 1311-01 Outline Po
RNSG 1311-01 Sy
RNSG 1311-73 Outline Orien
RNSG 1311-73 Sy
Mark, Douglas RNSG
Janis, Browning RNSG
Shirley, MacNeill
Janis, Browning RNSG 2535.
Mark, Douglas RNSG 2535.
William, Duncan SOCI 1301-
SOCI 1301-
SOCI 1301-
SOCI 1301-
Jill, Kares Songwriting
Laura, Stafford SPC
Keith, Cockrell S
Jon-Michael, Wallace SS1 Syllabu
SS2 Syllabu
William, Decker Stiles Math Exp
Otis, Byrd
Donna, Cathey Syllabus CSME 1501 Orientation to C
Piper, Starks Syllabus 1301
Michelle, Brister Syl
Bernard, Brown SY
Angela, Osborne Syllabus
Donna, Cathey Syllabus CSME 1410 Introduction to Haircutting and Rela
Syllabus CSME 1553 - Chemical Reformation and Rela
Syllabus CSME 2202 - Introduction to
Kathleen, Sibley Syllabus
Damon, Gengo syllab
Ed, Kasper syllabus
Alice, Nelson syllabu
Robert, Trevey syllabus for Englis
Sherry, LeJeune syllabus for
syllabus for h
syllabus for salon D
syllabus for
Linda, McGee Syllabus HRPO1191 50
Ruth, Megnet Syllabus Illust
Piper, Starks syllabus nura 1160
Albert, Faggard
Kathleen, Kotaska
Lawanda, Brown
Linda, McGee
Ricky, Calvert
Albert, Faggard
Kathleen, Sibley SyllabusF pg 3
Theresa, Hardy SYLLABU
William, Decker Syllabus-Ma
Edward, Quist Torts-website
Mary, Mulliner VNSG 1227
Kathy, Humphries
Mary, Mulliner VNSG 1331
Lisa, Smith VNSG 1510 - Nursing Health and Il
Jill, Kares Vo
Edward, Quist Website College Syl -
Website College S
Website College Sy
Website College Sy
Website College S
Webste Colleg


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