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Lamar State College Port Arthur House Bill 2504 Course Syllabi

House Bill 2504

Spring 2011 Course Syllabi

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Faculty Name   Down Arrow Course
Woods, Tanya VNSG-1500-02 Nurs Hlth-Illness I
VNSG-1500-01 Nurs Hlth-Illness I
VNSG-1304-01 Foundations of Nursing
VNSG-1261-04 Clinical (LPN Training)
Wilbur, Christina HIST-1302-73 American History- History of the United States, 1877 to Present
HIST-1302-50 American History- History of the United States, 1877 to Present
HIST-1301-50 American History- History of the United States, 1763 to 1877
Weber, Betty PSYC-2301-85 General Psychology
Wallace, Jon-Michael MUSC-2427-01 Audio Engr II
MUSC-2211-01 Comm Mus Sight Sing-Ear II
MUSC-1427-01 Audio Engineering I
MUSC-1331-01 Music Inst Digital (MIDI)
MUSC-1211-01 Comm Mus Sight Sing-Ear Trng
MUSC-1196-01 SpecTop- Recording Arts Tech
Vercher, Bryan MUSP-2103-01 Commercial Music-Piano
MUSP-1210-06 Appl Commercial Music- Piano
MUSP-1210-05 Appl Commercial Music- Piano
MUSP-1210-04 Appl Commercial Music- Piano
MUSP-1210-03 Appl Commercial Music- Piano
MUSP-1210-02 Appl Commercial Music- Piano
MUSP-1210-01 Appl Commercial Music- Piano
MUSI-1182-02 Piano Class Inst II
MUSI-1181-03 Piano Class Inst I
MUSC-2213-01 Commercial Music Theory II
MUSC-1213-01 Commercial Music Theory I
Turkel, Richard CRIJ-2323-01 Legal Aspects Law Enforce
CRIJ-1310-01 Fundamentals Criminal Law
Triebel, Mavis GOVT-2302-50 Introduction to American Government II
GOVT-2302-02 Introduction to American Government II
GOVT-2302-01 Introduction to American Government II
GOVT-2301-02 Introduction to American Government I
GOVT-2301-01 Introduction to American Government I
Trevey, Robert ENGL-0317-50 Developmental Writing II
ENGL-0310-50 Developmental Writing I
EDUC-1301-02 Intro Teaching Prof
EDUC-1301-01 Intro Teaching Prof
Trevey, Marilyn ENGL-0301-03 Basic Reading Skills
EDUC-2301-02 Intro Spec Populations
EDUC-2301-01 Intro Spec Populations
Sweat, Raymond ITSC-1401-79 Personal Computer Hardware
ITSC-1401-50 Personal Computer Hardware
ITSC-1401-50 Intro to Computers
Steenhoek, Brian PHED-1109-01 Basketball
KINE-1308-01 Sports Officiating
Steele, Sherry MATH-0332-51 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0332-06 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0332-04 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0313-05 Introductory Algebra
MATH-0313-03 Introductory Algebra
MATH-0312-15 Pre-Algebra
MATH-0312-02 Pre-Algebra
Starks, Pipper NURA-1301-12 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-11 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-10 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-09 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-08 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-07 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1160-12 Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1160-11 Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1160-10 Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1160-09 Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
Stafford, Laura SPCH-1315-73 Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-20 Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-06 Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-01 Public Speaking
DRAM-1310-01 Introduction to Theater
Sparks-Bush, Dana VNSG-1509-02 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1509-01 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1462-05 Clinical LVN Training
VNSG-1334-01 Pediatrics
Sorrells, David ENGL-2341-01 Forms of Literature
Smith, Wilma RNSG-2362-01 Clinical RN Training
RNSG-2361-01 Clinical RN Training
RNSG-2230-73 Prof Nursing Rev-License Prep
RNSG-1207-73 Nurs Jurisprudence
Smith, Lisa VNSG-1509-02 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1509-01 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1462-01 Clinical LVN Training
VNSG-1334-01 Pediatrics
Smith, Amanda CSME-2401-66B Principle Hair Color
CSME-2401-66A Principle Hair Color
CSME-2245-66 Prep State License Prac Exam
CSME-2202-66 Intro Appl Hair Color
CSME-1453-69 Chemical Reformation
Schipplein, Patricia POFI-1349-71 Spreadsheets
POFI-1349-50 Spreadsheets
ITSW-2337-01 Adv Database
ITSE-2331-01 Adv C plusplus Programming
ITSE-1345-01 Intro Oracle SQL
ITSC-1401-73 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1401-71 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1401-01 Intro to Computers
HITT-1305-20 Medical Term I
Savarino, Gail CSME-2431-02 Principles of Facials-Esthetic Technology III
CSME-2431-01 Principles of Facials-Esthetic Technology III
CSME-2343-04 Salon Development
CSME-2343-03 Salon Development
CSME-2245-01 Prep State License Prac Exam
Rowe, Megan PHED-1112-01 Softball
KINE-1332-01 Games Skills (Golf-Volleyball)
Ravey, Jennifer ENGL-1301-03 Composition
Quist, Edward LGLA-2388-01 Paralegal-Legal Asst Intern
LGLA-2303-01 Torts-Personal Injury Law
LGLA-1401-01 Legal Research-Writing
LGLA-1345-01 Civil Litigation
LGLA-1307-01 Intro Law-Legal Prof
Price, Donna VNSG-1509-02 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1509-01 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1462-03 Clinical LVN Training
VNSG-1334-01 Pediatrics
Powell, James PTAC-2446-01 Process Troubleshooting
PTAC-2438-01 Process Tech III-Operations
PTAC-2436-01 Process Instrumentation II
PTAC-2314-01 Principles of Quality
PTAC-1308-01 Safety, Health and Environ I
PTAC-1302-01 Intro Process Tech
Pollock, Richard BIOL-2402-08 Anatomy-Physiology II
BIOL-2402-07 Anatomy-Physiology II
BIOL-2402-06 Anatomy-Physiology II
BIOL-2402-05 Anatomy-Physiology II
BIOL-2402-04 Anatomy-Physiology II
BIOL-2401-09 Anatomy-Physiology I
BIOL-2401-08 Anatomy-Physiology I
BIOL-2401-07 Anatomy-Physiology I
BIOL-2401-06 Anatomy-Physiology I
BIOL-2401-05 Anatomy-Physiology I
BIOL-2401-04 Anatomy-Physiology I
Pitre, James MATH-0313-50 Introductory Algebra
MATH-0312-50 Pre-Algebra
Phares, Harry LGLA-1353-01 Wills Trusts-Probate Admin
Peeler, Bobby EDUC-1300-04 Learning Framework
EDUC-1300-03 Learning Framework
EDUC-1100-07 Learning Framework
CETT-1349-01 Digital Systems
CETT-1305-01 AC Circuits
Pate, Martha MATH-1332-01 College Math I
Osborne, Angela ARTS-2317-01 Painting II
ARTS-2316-01 Painting I
ARTS-1301-05 Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-04 Art Appreciation
Nelson, Alice ENGL-0310-01 Developmental Writing I
ENGL-0301-02 Basic Reading Skills
Mulliner, Mary VNSG-1331-01 Pharmacology
VNSG-1227-01 Essential Medication Admn
Megnet, Ruth ARTS-2348-01 Digital Art I
ARTS-2323-01 Life Drawing I
ARTS-1317-01 Drawing II
ARTS-1316-01 Drawing I
ARTS-1311-01 Design I (Two-Dimensional)
ARTS-1301-20 Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-06 Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-02 Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-01 Art Appreciation
McQueen, William MUSP-1217-04 Appl Com Music- Percussion
MUSP-1217-03 Appl Com Music- Percussion
MUSP-1217-02 Appl Com Music- Percussion
MUSP-1217-01 Appl Com Music- Percussion
McIntire, Darren MATH-0312-51 Pre-Algebra
McGee, Linda HRPO-1311-50 Human Relations
HRPO-1311-01 Human Relations
Martin, Gabriel SGNL-1301-50 Sign Language I
MacNeill, Shirley RNSG-2535-30 Integrated Client Care Mngt
RNSG-2362-02 Clinical RN Training
RNSG-2361-02 Clinical RN Training
RNSG-2230-74 Prof Nursing Rev-License Prep
RNSG-2230-30 Prof Nursing Rev-License Prep
RNSG-1423-31 Intro Prof Nurs Integrate Prog
RNSG-1260-31 Clinical-RN Training
RNSG-1207-74 Nurs Jurisprudence
RNSG-1207-30 Nurs Jurisprudence
Lowe, Zebulon ENGL-1302-73 Composition
ENGL-1302-50 Composition
ENGL-1302-20 Composition
ENGL-1302-04 Composition
ENGL-1302-01 Composition
ENGL-1301-74 Composition
ENGL-1301-73 Composition
ENGL-1301-50 Composition
Longlet, Nancy RNSG-1311-73 Nurs Pathophysiology
RNSG-1311-01 Nurs Pathophysiology
BIOL-2402-73 Anatomy-Physiology II
BIOL-2402-03 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL-2402-03 Anatomy-Physiology II
BIOL-2402-01 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL-2402-01 Anatomy-Physiology II
BIOL-1407-02 General Biology II
BIOL-1407-01 General Biology II
Lindley, Neil PHIL-1301-73 Introduction to Philosophy
GOVT-2302-73 Introduction to American Government II
LeJeune, Sherry CSME-2501-02 Principle Hair Color
CSME-2501-01 Principle Hair Color
CSME-2410-02 Adv Haircut Theory
CSME-2410-01 Adv Haircut Theory
CSME-2343-02 Salon Development
CSME-1547-02 Principle Skin Care
CSME-1547-01 Principle Skin Care
Kotaska, Kathleen ENGL-0302-73 College Reading Skills
ENGL-0302-20 College Reading Skills
ENGL-0302-05 College Reading Skills
ENGL-0302-04 College Reading Skills
ENGL-0302-03 College Reading Skills
ENGL-0302-02 College Reading Skills
ENGL-0302-01 College Reading Skills
ENGL-0301-01 Basic Reading Skills
Knowles, James MATH-0332-03 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0313-08 Introductory Algebra
MATH-0313-07 Introductory Algebra
MATH-0313-02 Introductory Algebra
MATH-0312-08 Pre-Algebra
MATH-0312-06 Pre-Algebra
MATH-0312-04 Pre-Algebra
MATH-0312-01 Pre-Algebra
Knight, Peggy ENGL-0317-03 Developmental Writing II
ENGL-0317-02 Developmental Writing II
ENGL-0317-01 Developmental Writing II
ENGL-0310-04 Developmental Writing I
ENGL-0310-02 Developmental Writing I
Kemmerer, Kristel MUSB-1305-01 Survey Music Business
Kares, Jill MUSP-1227-16 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-15 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-14 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-13 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-12 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-11 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-10 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-09 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-08 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-07 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-06 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-05 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-04 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-03 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-02 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSP-1227-01 Appl Commercial Music-Voice
MUSI-1301-01 Music Fundamentals
MUSI-1181-01 Piano Class Inst I
MUSC-1321-01 Songwriting I
Kares, Greg MUSC-2448-01 Audio Engr IV
MUSC-1423-01 Audio Electronics
MUSC-1405-01 Live Sound I
MUSC-1325-01 Acoustics
Judy, Michael MUSI-1310-01 American Popular Music
Judice, Michelle ENGL-2321-01 Masterworks of British Literature
ENGL-1302-03 Composition
ENGL-1302-02 Composition
ENGL-1301-07 Composition
ENGL-1301-05 Composition
ENGL-1301-04 Composition
Jordan, Sue CHEM-1406-59B Chemistry (Allied Hlth Sci)
CHEM-1406-59A Chemistry (Allied Hlth Sci)
CHEM-1406-59 Chemistry (Allied Hlth Sci)
Jordan, Percy BIOL-2420-73 Intro Microbiology
BIOL-2420-03 Intro Microbiology
BIOL-2420-02 Intro Microbiology
BIOL-2420-01 Intro Microbiology
BIOL-2402-02 Anatomy-Physiology II
BIOL-2401-03 Anatomy-Physiology I
BIOL-2401-02 Anatomy-Physiology I
BIOL-2401-01 Anatomy-Physiology I
Jones, Kimberly MATH-0332-73 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0332-20 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0332-02 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0313-04 Introductory Algebra
MATH-0313-01 Introductory Algebra
MATH-0312-03 Pre-Algebra
Humphries, Emma VNSG-1509-02 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1509-01 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1462-02 Clinical LVN Training
VNSG-1334-01 Pediatrics
Horne, Aaron MUSP-1242-51 Sm Commercial Music Ens
MUSP-1242-02 Sm Commercial Music Ens
MUSP-1242-01 Sm Commercial Music Ens
MUSP-1204-04 Appl Com Music- Bass Guitar
MUSP-1204-03 Appl Com Music- Bass Guitar
MUSP-1204-02 Appl Com Music- Bass Guitar
MUSP-1204-01 Appl Com Music- Bass Guitar
MUSC-2330-01 Com Music Arrange-Comp
Hatchel, Ralph VNSG-1500-02 Nurs Hlth-Illness I
VNSG-1500-01 Nurs Hlth-Illness I
VNSG-1304-01 Foundations of Nursing
VNSG-1261-03 Clinical (LPN Training)
Harriman, Daniel AUMT-2488-01 Auto Internship
AUMT-2317-01 Engine Perform Analysis I
AUMT-1345-01 Auto Heat-A-C
AUMT-1319-01 Auto Engine Repair
AUMT-1305-01 Intro Auto Tech
Hamilton, Charlotte VNSG-1509-02 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1509-01 Nurs Hlth-Illness II
VNSG-1462-04 Clinical LVN Training
VNSG-1334-01 Pediatrics
Gunter, Eric ENGL-1302-07 Composition
ENGL-1302-06 Composition
Guillot, Sheila POFT-2386-01 Internship-Admn Asst-Sec Sci
POFT-1359-20 Records-Info Mngmnt II
POFM-2386-01 Internship-Med Ofc Asst-Sec
POFI-1349-70 Spreadsheets
POFI-1349-20 Spreadsheets
MDCA-1205-73 Medical Law-Ethics
ITSW-1301-70 Intro Word Process
ITSW-1301-20 Intro Word Process
ITSE-2386-01 Internship-Programming
ITSC-2386-01 Internship-CIS-Genl
HPRS-2331-70 Genl Health Profession Mngt
HPRS-2331-20 Genl Health Profession Mngt
HITT-1341-70 Coding-Classification System
HITT-1341-01 Coding-Classification System
HITT-1305-73 Medical Term I
HITT-1305-20 Medical Term I
BMGT-2389-01 Internship-Bus Admn-Mngt
ACNT-2386-01 Intern- Accounting
ACNT-1329-01 Payroll-Bus Tax Acctng
ACNT-1303-20 Introduction to Accounting I
ACNT-1303-20 Intro Accounting I
Guidry, Electra VNSG-1500-02 Nurs Hlth-Illness I
VNSG-1500-01 Nurs Hlth-Illness I
VNSG-1304-01 Foundations of Nursing
VNSG-1261-01 Clinical (LPN Training)
Guidry, Cynthia CSME-2441-01 Prep State Licensing Exam
CSME-1535-02 Orientation Inst Cos
CSME-1535-01 Orientation Inst Cos
CSME-1534-02 Cosmetology Inst 1
CSME-1534-01 Cosmetology Inst 1
CSME-1451-01 Artistry of Hair-Theory
Green, Jo MATH-1332-50 College Math I
MATH-1314-50 College Algebra
Granger, Patricia POFT-2301-70 Intermed Keyboarding
POFT-2301-20 Intermed Keyboarding
POFT-1349-70 Admin Office Procedures II
POFT-1349-20 Admin Office Procedures II
POFT-1329-01 Beginning Keyboarding
POFT-1319-20 Records-Info Mngmnt I
POFT-1309-20 Admin Office Procedures I
POFT-1307-01 Proofreading and Editing
POFT-1301-01 Business English
Granger, Althea POFI-2340-75 Adv Word Processing
POFI-2340-15 Adv Word Processing
ITSC-1401-72 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1401-02 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1325-01 PC Hardware
ITSC-1309-75 Integrated Software Appl I
ITSC-1309-15 Integrated Software Appl I
IMED-1301-70 Intro Multimedia
IMED-1301-01 Intro Multimedia
ARTC-1313-15 Digital Publishing I
Gongre, Charles ENGL-2326-50 Masterworks of American Literature
Gengo, Damon SPCH-1315-08 Public Speaking
DRAM-2120-01 Theater Practicum III
DRAM-1330-02 Stagecraft I
DRAM-1330-01 Stagecraft I
Gaspard, Beverly COSC-1301-75 Microcomputer Appl
COSC-1301-74 Microcomputer Appl
COSC-1301-73 Microcomputer Appl
COSC-1301-21 Microcomputer Appl
COSC-1301-20 Microcomputer Appl
COSC-1301-01 Microcomputer Appl
BCIS-1305-73 Business Computer Appl
BCIS-1305-20 Business Computer Appl
Faggard, Albert ARTS-1301-85 Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-50 Art Appreciation
ARTS-1301-03 Art Appreciation
Dupuis, Glenda HECO-1322-75 Principles Nutrition
HECO-1322-74 Principles Nutrition
HECO-1322-73 Principles Nutrition
HECO-1322-02 Principles of Nutrition
HECO-1322-01 Principles Nutrition
Duncan, William SOCI-1301-73 Intro Sociology
SOCI-1301-02 Intro Sociology
SOCI-1301-01 Intro Sociology
PHIL-1301-01 Introduction to Philosophy
GOVT-2302-20 Introduction to American Government II
GOVT-2301-73 Introduction to American Government I
GOVT-2301-60 Introduction to American Government I
Duhon, Brenda POFT-1307-50 Proofreading and Editing
Doyle, Brooke PHED-1110-01 Walking for Health
Douglas, Mark RNSG-2362-03 Clinical RN Training
RNSG-2361-30 Clinical RN Training
RNSG-2361-03 Clinical RN Training
RNSG-2230-75 Prof Nursing Rev-License Prep
RNSG-1300-31 Health Assessment Lifespan
RNSG-1300-30 Health Assessment Lifespan
RNSG-1300-01 Health Assessment Lifespan
Demeter, Rebecca CHEM-1405-02 Intro Chemistry
CHEM-1405-01 Intro Chemistry
Deasy, Michael MUSP-1205-08 Appl Commercial Mus- Guitar
MUSP-1205-07 Appl Commercial Mus- Guitar
MUSP-1205-06 Appl Commercial Mus- Guitar
MUSP-1205-05 Appl Commercial Mus- Guitar
MUSP-1205-04 Appl Commercial Mus- Guitar
MUSP-1205-03 Appl Commercial Mus- Guitar
MUSP-1205-02 Appl Commercial Mus- Guitar
MUSP-1205-01 Appl Commercial Mus- Guitar
Cox, Thomas ITSE-1359-70 Intro Scripting Language
ITSE-1359-01 Intro Scripting Language
ITSE-1331-70 Intro Visual Basic Prog
ITSE-1331-01 Intro Visual Basic Prog
ITSC-1401-75 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1401-03 Intro to Computers
GAME-1404-70 Level Design
GAME-1404-01 Level Design
Copple, Monteel HIST-1302-85 American History- History of the United States, 1877 to Present
HIST-1302-05 American History- History of the United States, 1877 to Present
HIST-1302-04 American History- History of the United States, 1877 to Present
HIST-1302-02 American History- History of the United States, 1877 to Present
HIST-1301-02 American History- History of the United States, 1763 to 1877
HIST-1301-01 American History- History of the United States, 1763 to 1877
Commings, Charleen HIST-1302-03 American History- History of the United States, 1877 to Present
HIST-1302-01 American History- History of the United States, 1877 to Present
Cockrell, Charles SPCH-1315-07 Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-05 Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-04 Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-03 Public Speaking
SPCH-1315-02 Public Speaking
Clark, Jamie PSYC-1300-50 Learning Framework
PSYC-1300-03 Learning Framework
PSYC-1300-02 Learning Framework
PSYC-1300-01 Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-08 Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-06 Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-04 Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-03 Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-02 Learning Framework
PSYC-1100-01 Learning Framework
Cathey, Donna CSME-2202-02 Intro Appl Hair Color
CSME-2202-01 Intro Appl Hair Color
CSME-1553-02 Chemical Reformation
CSME-1553-01 Chemical Reformation
CSME-1501-02 Orientation Cosmetology
CSME-1501-01 Orientation Cosmetology
CSME-1410-02 Intro Hair Cutting-Theory
CSME-1410-01 Intro Hair Cutting-Theory
Carona, Ken PSYC-2317-50 Intro Statistical Methods
PSYC-2301-02 General Psychology
Carlin, Ronald ACCT-2302-01 Prin Accounting II
Cammack, Nancy ITSC-1401-74 Intro to Computers
Cammack, James ITSC-1401-78 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1401-77 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1401-76 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1401-06 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1401-05 Intro to Computers
ITSC-1401-04 Intro to Computers
Byrd, Sally ENGL-2331-01 Masterworks of World Literature
ENGL-1302-05 Composition
ENGL-1301-06 Composition
ENGL-1301-02 Composition
ENGL-1301-01 Composition
Byrd, Otis PHYS-1417-73 Physical Science II
PHYS-1405-02 Conceptual Physics
PHYS-1405-01 Conceptual Physics
MATH-0312-05 Pre-Algebra
Buckner, Brandon SRGT-1541-02 Surgical Procedures I
SRGT-1541-01 Surgical Procedures I
SRGT-1461-01 Clinical-Surgical Tech
Browning, Janis RNSG-1423-30 Intro Prof Nurs Integrate Prog
RNSG-1260-30 Clinical-RN Training
Brown, Carolyn VNSG-1500-02 Nurs Hlth-Illness I
VNSG-1500-01 Nurs Hlth-Illness I
VNSG-1304-01 Foundations of Nursing
VNSG-1261-02 Clinical (LPN Training)
Broussard, Jodi PHED-1101-04 Fitness for Life
PHED-1101-02 Fitness for Life
PHED-1101-01 Fitness for Life
Brister, Michelle BUSG-2307-50 Legal-Social Busi Environ
Boudreaux, Lowell ECON-2302-73 Prin Economics - Micro
ECON-2302-60 Prin Economics - Micro
ECON-2302-01 Prin Economics - Micro
ECON-2301-73 Prin Economics - Macro
ECON-2301-01 Prin Economics - Macro
BUSI-1301-73 Business Principles
BUSI-1301-01 Business Principles
Borne, Wanda MATH-0313-06 Introductory Algebra
MATH-0312-07 Pre-Algebra
Barbay, Carol PSYC-2314-74 Lifespan Human Growth-Dev
PSYC-2314-73 Lifespan Human Growth-Dev
PSYC-2314-20 Lifespan Human Growth-Dev
PSYC-2301-74 General Psychology
PSYC-2301-73 General Psychology
PSYC-2301-20 General Psychology
PSYC-2301-01 General Psychology
EDUC-1100-05 Learning Framework
Awoyefa, Ifakorede SPCH-1315-50 Public Speaking
Askew, Michelle MATH-1350-01 Fundamentals Math I
MATH-1325-01 Elem Analytical Bus Appl
MATH-1316-01 Trigonometry
MATH-1314-05 College Algebra
MATH-1314-04 College Algebra
MATH-1314-03 College Algebra
MATH-1314-02 College Algebra
MATH-1314-01 College Algebra
Ashcraft, Jimmy BIOL-2420-51 Introductory Microbiology
BIOL-2420-50 Introductory Microbiology
Andress, William INTC-2336-01 Dist Control-Prog Log
INTC-1455-01 Unit Operations
INTC-1359-01 Temperature Control
INTC-1341-01 Principle Auto Control
ELMT-2433-01 Industrial Electronics
Allen, Shalanda NURA-1301-06 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-05 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-04 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-03 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-02 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1301-01 Nurse Aide Hlth Care Org I
NURA-1160-06 Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1160-05 Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1160-04 Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
NURA-1160-03 Clinical-Nurse Assist-Aide
Alexander, Joyce MATH-1332-G44 College Math I
LC-102-M40 Learn Cntr Lab Math
Adams, Langston LGLA-2313-59 Criminal Law and Procedure


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