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Lamar State College Port Arthur House Bill 2504 Course Syllabi

House Bill 2504

Summer I 2012 Course Syllabi

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Faculty Name   Down Arrow Course
Woods, Tanya VNSG-1510-02 - Nursing in Health and Illness III
VNSG-1510-01 - Nursing in Health and Illness III
VNSG-1330-01 - Maternal and Neonatal Nursing
Woodard, Amber HECO-1322-74 - Principles of Nutrition
HECO-1322-73 - Principles of Nutrition
Vercher, Bryan MUSB-2301-01 - Music Marketing
Taylor, Ronald GEOL-1403-01 - Physical Geology
Steele, Sherry MATH-0332-01 - Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0313-02 - Introductory Algebra
MATH-0312-01 - Pre-Algebra
Smith, Wilma RNSG-2514-34 - Care Client Complex Health Needs
RNSG-2514-33 - Care Client Complex Health Needs
RNSG-2514-32 - Care Client Complex Health Needs
RNSG-2514-31 - Care Client Complex Health Needs
RNSG-2514-30 - Care Client Complex Health Needs
Smith, Lisa VNSG-1509-02 - Nursing in Health and Illness II
VNSG-1509-01 - Nursing in Health and Illness II
VNSG-1462-01 - Clinical - Licensed Vocational Nurse Training (LVN)
VNSG-1334-01 - Pediatrics
Sizemore, Mary ENGL-1302-20 - English Composition
Quist, Edward LGLA-2313-01 - Criminal Law and Procedure
Pollock, Richard BIOL-2401-06 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL-2401-05 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL-2401-04 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL-2401-03 - Anatomy and Physiology I
Pitre, James MATH-0312-50 - Pre-Algebra
Patton, Amanda RNSG-2362-30 - Clinical RN Training
Osborne, Angela ARTS-1301-01 - Art Appreciation
MacNeill, Shirley RNSG-2535-32 - Integrated Client Care Management
RNSG-2535-31 - Integrated Client Care Management
RNSG-2535-30 - Integrated Client Care Management
Lowe, Zebulon ENGL-2326-01 - Masterworks of American Literature
ENGL-1301-85 - English Composition
Longlet, Nancy BIOL-2401-73 - Anatomy and Physiology I
LeJeune, Sherry CSME-2441-01 - Preparation of Texas Licensing Examination
Knowles, James MATH-0332-02 - Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0313-01 - Introductory Algebra
MATH-0312-02 - Pre-Algebra
Knight, Peggy ENGL-0317-01 - Developmental Writing II
ENGL-0310-01 - Developmental Writing I
ENGL-0302-01 - College Reading Skills
ENGL-0301-01 - Basic Reading Skills
Jordan, Percy BIOL-2401-02 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL-2401-01 - Anatomy and Physiology I
Jones, Kimberly MATH-0332-73 - Intermediate Algebra
MATH-0332-20 - Intermediate Algebra
Hamilton, Charlotte VNSG-1509-02 - Nursing in Health and Illness II
VNSG-1509-01 - Nursing in Health and Illness II
VNSG-1334-01 - Pediatrics
Guillot, Sheila POFI-1349-71 - Spreadsheets
POFI-1349-01 - Spreadsheets
HPRS-2331-73 - General Health Profession Management
Guidry, Cynthia CSME-2544-01 - Cosmetology Instructor IV
CSME-2445-01 - Instructional Theory and Clinic Operation
CSME-2441-03 - Preparation of Texas Licensing Examination
Granger, Patricia POFT-1307-01 - Proofreading and Editing
Gengo, Damon SPCH-1315-02 - Public Speaking
Gaspard, Beverly BCIS-1305-73 - Business Computer Applications
BCIS-1305-20 - Business Computer Applications
Duncan, William SOCI-1301-73 - Introduction to Sociology
GOVT-2302-01 - Introduction to American Government II
GOVT-2301-73 - Introduction to American Government I
GOVT-2301-01 - Introduction to American Government I
Doiron, Jessie ENGL-1301-M40 - English Composition
Cox, Thomas ITSC-1401-74 - Introduction to Computers
ITSC-1401-73 - Introduction to Computers
Copple, Monteel HIST-1302-01 - American History - History of the United States, 1877 to Present
HIST-1301-01 - American History - History of the United States, 1763 to 1877
Cockrell, Charles DRAM-1320-01 - Theater Practicum I
DRAM-1161-50 - Introduction to Musical Theater
DRAM-1161-01 - Introduction to Musical Theater
Clark, Jamie PSYC-2301-20 - General Psychology
PSYC-1300-20 - Learning Framework
Carlin, Ronald ACCT-2301-01 - Principles of Accounting I
Byrd, Sally ENGL-1301-21 - English Composition
Byrd, Otis PHYS-1405-20 - Conceptual Physics
Buckner, Brandon SRGT-2130-01 - Professional Readiness
SRGT-1542-01 - Surgical Procedures II
SRGT-1462-01 - Clinical - Surgical Technology
Bryant, Jennifer ECON-2302-73 - Principles of Economics - Micro
ECON-2301-73 - Principles of Economics - Macro
BUSI-1301-73 - Business Principles
Brown, Carolyn VNSG-1510-02 - Nursing in Health and Illness III
VNSG-1510-01 - Nursing in Health and Illness III
Broussard, Jodi PHED-1101-01 - Fitness for Life
Beck, Cheryl KINE-1306-01 - First Aid
Barbay, Carol PSYC-2314-73 - Lifespan Human Growth and Development
PSYC-2301-73 - General Psychology
Askew, Michelle MATH-1314-01 - College Algebra
Allen, Shalanda NURA-1160-04 - Clinical - Nurse Assistant-Aide
NURA-1160-03 - Clinical - Nurse Assistant-Aide


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