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Business and Technology

The Department of Business and Technology reflects and builds upon the instructional as well as the college’s service mission. A component of the instructional mission is to provide the finest vocational-technical education possible within the available physical and financial resources. To accomplish this goal, each Business and Technology program is a carefully-sequenced set of courses designed around student outcomes. The programs prepare associate degree and certificate students who have, in addition to technical skills, the ability to work effectively with others, solve problems, make decisions, and adapt to change.

The humanities educational component develops the skills and attitudes necessary for students to succeed in a complex and dynamic work environment and the ability to make judgments reflective of human values.

To amplify the college's service mission, the Business and Technology student organizational activities endeavor to encourage civic pride and responsible citizenship through community service and to produce a well-rounded individual who appreciates the value of diverse cultures.

Moreover, it is the mission of the Business and Technology Department to maintain a highly-qualified faculty committed to teaching excellence and professional development; a faculty who will continually update and strengthen programs with advisory committee involvement to develop programs that are responsive to the employment needs of business, industry, public agencies, and entrepreneurship.

Business and Technology Programs

Please visit the Business and Technology section of the College Catalog Adobe Reader Required Image to learn more about any of the above programs.

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If you have questions concerning Business and Technology, please feel free to call us at (409) 984-6418 or stop by our office in room 147 of the Madison Monroe Building.

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