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Lamar State College - Port Arthur Developmental Education

Developmental Education

The Department of Developmental Education at Lamar State College – Port Arthur provides a comprehensive program of preparatory courses in composition, mathematics, and reading to help students acquire the basic skills necessary to complete a college-level course of study.

The department operates the Student Success Center, which supports the formal developmental education instructional program. It also serves as a source of information regarding the content of the tests conducted through the Texas Higher Education Assessment Program and assists the college in its commitment to accommodating students with diverse goals and backgrounds.

The Texas Higher Education Assessment Program is a state-mandated program designed to ensure that students have the academic skills necessary to perform effectively on college-level work. Therefore, LSC-PA requires that all students be tested to determine their basic skill level in reading, writing, and mathematics. A student who does not pass one/any section of a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) approved test is required to enroll in corresponding developmental courses based upon placement scores.

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