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American National Biography Online TUTORIAL - Offers portraits of more than 19,000 men and women, including the 17,435 original biographies from the print edition - from all eras and walks of life - whose lives have shaped the nation. Includes over 2,700 illustrations, more than 80,000 hyperlinked cross-references, and links to select web sites. Also included are 900 fully integrated articles from "The Oxford Companion to United States History". You may search in a number of ways: by full text (words and phrases), by subject name, by gender, by occupation or realm of renown, by birth date, by birthplace, by death date, and by contributor name.

The Handbook of Texas Online - Provided by the Texas State Historical Association, this encyclopedia furnishes a full-text searchable version of the complete text of the six-volume print edition, all corrections incorporated in the second printing, and approximately 400 articles not included in the print edition. More than 23,000 articles on Texas history, geography, and culture.

Heritage Quest Online- Offers an essential genealogical collection of information covering America since the late 1700s. Collections include census images from 1790 to 1930, including name indexes for many years; find information on people and places in over 28,000 local histories; search selected records from the Revolutionary War Era Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files; search for individuals in Freedman's Bank Records (1865-1874), which was founded to serve African Americans; search the Periodical Source Index (PERSI) covering over 2.3 million genealogy and local history articles, and search for memorials, petitions, and private relief actions of the U.S. Congress in the LexisNexis U.S. Serial set.

MAS Ultra - School Edition TUTORIAL - Provides full text articles for 477 popular general interest and current events publications with information dating as far back as 1975 for key magazines. This database also contains 362 full text reference books (including the Columbia Encyclopedia and the CIA World Fact Book), 944 biographies, 202 country fact sheets, 395 country reports, 11 educational reports, 3 government documents, 4 law books, 3 newspapers, 77 pamphlets, 155 speeches, 139 state/provincial fact sheets, and an Image Collection of over 592,000 photos, maps, flags, and color PDFs.

MAS Ultra also includes 5 databases: American Heritage Dictionary; American Reference Library: Biographies; American Reference Library: Primary Source Documents; Britannica Biographies; and Hutchinson's Biography Database.

Under the law category all Supreme Court Cases from 1790-present.

MasterFILE Premier TUTORIAL - Contains full text for 1,657 periodicals covering general subject areas: arts and entertainment, business, education, general science, health, history, literature, multicultural issues, science and technology, social science, and much more. This database also contains full text for 469 reference books, 1,062 biographies, 203 country fact sheets, 117 country reports, 5 databases, 71 educational reports, 4 government documents, 25 health reports, 4 law documents, 5 newspapers, 100 pamphlets, 155 speeches, 139 state/provincial fact sheets, and an Image Collection of over 592,000 photos, maps, and flags.

Middle Search Plus - Provides full text for 168 popular middle school magazines, over 131,000 full text biographies, 216 books, 201 country fact sheets, 5 databases, 3 encyclopedias, 1 government document, 4 law documents, 2 newspapers, 75 pamphlets, 155 speeches, and 139 state/provincial fact sheets.

Additionally, Middle Search Plus contains primary source documents, including "Essential Documents in American History", reference books, including the "Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia," ''New Oxford American Dictionary,'' ''Encyclopedia of Animals''; and thousands of relevant photos, maps, and flags.

Texas Digital Sanborn Maps TUTORIAL - Provides digital access to more than 660,000 large-scale maps of over 12,000 American towns and cities. These maps are valuable research tools for geographers, social historians, urban specialists, genealogists, planners, local historians, architects, environmentalists, and anyone who wants to learn about the history, growth, and development of American cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

Texas Reference Center TUTORIAL - Includes full text from 32 academic journals, 37 magazines, 38 newspapers, and 178 books about Texas history, ethnic and cultural diversity, gender studies, literature, public health, business, home and garden, and sports and leisure. This database contains biographies portraying famous historical and contemporary Texans, such as George Herbert Walker Bush, Lady Bird Johnson, Dan Moody, Susanna Dickinson, and Sam Houston. Newspapers providing Texas and national news coverage are also included.

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