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For Non-UW Librarians and Teachers

The UW Libraries' new networked computing environment includes only a small number of computers that may be accessed without a UW NetID account. This situation requires some consideration of our provision of formal instruction to non-affiliated guests, including secondary school and community college users. At certain times of the year, and under certain special circumstances, it may still be possible for us to provide some limited formal training to groups of 30 or fewer students simultaneously; but the ability of these students to access Library computers for follow-up research will necessarily be limited. Here are some considerations before visiting the UW Libraries with your class.

In order to continue to serve the instructional needs of your students, we offer Research 101 as a means of introducing them to basic library and Internet research skills. We include copies of our worksheets (available only behind the campus firewall to our affiliated users) as either Adobe PDF or MS Word files which you may reproduce as necessary. Use the link to the right of this page to download the entire set. You may wish to use these worksheets as models for your own worksheets to address the kind of reflection and reporting you want your students to do.

Use the page "for instructors" for guidance on how to use the worksheets. Or contact a UW librarian for consultation on other effective uses for the tutorial.

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