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Commercial Music


Touring Band (Section 51) - Carl Richardson: Director

The LSC-PA Touring Band is the Commercial Music division's most visible performing ensemble. Affectionately called "Section 51" due to the course number in the catalog, this group has regular bookings both on campus and throughout the Golden Triangle. Recent performances include the Buna Red Bud Festival, Southeast Texas State Fair, Kemah Boardwalk and the Girl's Haven Gumbo Festival among others.

Touring Band Section 51 performing at the Southeast Texas State Fair

(Section 51 performs at the Southeast Texas State Fair)

Section 51 has approximately six to eight performances each semester at area festivals in addition to regular on-campus events. This group is responsible for learning a lot of material in such a way that mimics the rigors of being a professional musician. The ensemble is open by audition to interested students on guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano and horns.

Aaron and Mason go over parts before a recent Section 51 gig!

(Aaron and Mason go over parts before a recent Section 51 gig!)

Section 51 - Fall 2013

Section 51 - Fall 2013

(Back Row: Aaron Williams, Candice Spurlock, Justin Sappington
Seated: Antonio Briones, Delbert Mack)

Small Commerical Ensemble - Robert Gillam: Director

The Small Commercial Ensemble performs a variety of contemporary styles on campus each semester including rock, blues, country and soul music as well. The Monday/Wednesday band concerts often feature particular themes and genres of music deserving wider recognition. The ensemble is open by audition to interested students on guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano and horns.

Only Exit - Fall 2013

Only Exit - Fall 2013

(Front Row: David Fraser, Justin Sappington, Nathan Ingalls
Back Row: Jimmy Gair, Brandon Boze)

M/W Band from Spring 2013

Jazz Combo - Car Richardson: Director

The jazz combo was formed in the spring of 2013 to provide students with an opportunity to focus on a genre of music outside of the Commercial Music specialty. This ensemble performs jazz standards, blues songs, Brazilian and Cuban music along with contemporary instrumental fusion. The group is affectionately called "Repeat to Infinity" and has been particularly well received by LSC-PA audiences. The combo performs twice each semester on campus in the Music Hall for the Port Arthur Live series.

Repeat to Infinity - Fall 2013

Repeat to Infinity - Fall 2013

(Left to Right: Airon Reynolds, Nathan Ingalls, Antonio Briones, Kaylee Dickens)
(Not Pictured: Blake Borel, Armando Ruiz)

Jazz Combo - Spring 2013

Commercial Vocal Ensemble - Josh Leger: Director

The Commercial Vocal Ensemble is the newest addition to the Commercial Music division. This group specializes in A cappella vocal arrangements. Vocalists perform a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles including jazz, doo wop, barbershop, r/b, pop and show choir as well. Instrumentalists also accompany the group on a few select numbers and the ensemble performs regularly on the Thursday night Port Arthur Live series.

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