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Lamar State College - Port Arthur Commercial Music Programs

Commerical Music


The Department of Commercial Music offers Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Performance, Audiovisual Production, and Sound Engineering. The Department of Commercial Music also offers Certificates in Entertainment Business, Commercial Music and Live Sound Design and Technology.

A.A.S. Commercial Music: Sound Engineer

Available since the inception of the program at Lamar State College - Port Arthur, the Sound Engineering track prepares the student for a career in the Recording Arts as an Audio Engineer.

Based on the industry philosophy that a good audio engineer is a good musician, the study of audio engineering and recording is tucked within the Commercial Music program.

Examples of courses included in the degree plan include Audio Engineering I-IV, MIDI, Audio Electronics, Live Sound I and II, Audio Critical Listening, and numerous electives.

We offer advanced training in industry software such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Reason. Our flagship studio is equipped with a 24 channel analog Toft console and Pro Tools HD with Genelec surround sound monitoring. For the full degree program, see the Degree page.

A.A.S. Commercial Music: Performance

Aaron Williams soloing: Spring 2013(Aaron Williams soloing: Spring 2013)

Very few commercial schools and institutions of higher learning offer this track, which prepares musicians for contemporary performance careers.

Performance majors take applied lessons with some of the most experienced and accomplished musicians in the area. Majors also perform in contemporary ensembles on campus and in the community. Consistent feedback is a vital component of the Performance program as students prepare juries each semester for their instructors and peers alike.

Students may enter the program on guitar, keyboard, drums, bass and voice. All students learn the fundamental principles of music theory along with a focus on contemporary styles including rock, blues, country, jazz and gospel. Performance majors may choose from variety of ensembles including the jazz combo, the touring band and the jazz vocal group.

For the full degree program, see the Degree page.

A.A.S. in Audiovisual Production

The Audiovisual Production Program at Lamar State College-Port Arthur blends music production, sound design and video technology to create compelling multimedia content for all forms of visual media including web, video, film, animation, mobile technology, and games.

The Audiovisual Production Program's aims are to provide hands-on training utilizing industry-standard technology while focusing on professional best practices to build a music production and sound design portfolio that supports the visual narrative and demonstrates a broad range of creative skill sets including video editing, music composition, and sound design.

Graduates of the Sound Design Program are prepared for entry-level positions as audio and video editors, production assistants, sound designers, radio board operators, multimedia composers and audiovisual technicians. For the full degree program, see the Degree page.

Potential employers include entertainment venues, audio production companies, broadcast facilities, churches, corporate audio visual facilities, recording studios, publishing companies, and independent multimedia production companies. Other opportunities are available in the field when sufficient work experience is combined with academic preparation including record production, publishing, artist management, concert promotion, venue management, music merchandising and teaching.

Additional Program Information

Graduates will have a strong background in appropriate core sub disciplines: music theory, keyboard, video editing, sound design, sound system repair and installation, arranging and composing music, acoustics and music business training. Courses are carefully sequenced and designed around student outcomes and include general education components that foster problem-solving and communication skills. Laboratory training encompasses state-of-the-art instruments, materials and techniques employed in the commercial music industry, plus a dedicated performance hall.

Students desiring to be Performance majors should prepare at least two contrasting musical selections. Auditions are normally scheduled in January for the spring semester and throughout the summer as well. Specific audition dates are posted regularly. In the event that a student cannot make a scheduled audition date, special arrangements must be made with the Department Chair in advance.

Students with an interest in Sound Engineering, Audiovisual Production and the various Certificate programs should schedule a time with the Department Chair for course advising. Students may schedule an appointment by calling 409-984-6520.

Non-Performance majors may enroll in applied lessons and ensembles but should prepare an audition for scholarship consideration.

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