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Two-Factor Authentication with Duo

Beginning March 29, 2023, LSCPA applications such as MyLSCPA, Office 365, and Blackboard, will require two-factor authentication using Duo Security, which adds an extra verification step to make sure that you are who you say you are. You are probably already familiar with similar systems for your online banking or other personal accounts.

Device registration begins on March 9, 2023. During the registration period, you will receive an email from Duo Security. This email contains a custom registration link for you to register your mobile device to use Duo's safe and secure two-step verification method. If you do not receive this email or if you have any questions or problems during the process, call the Help Desk at (409) 984-6150 during normal business hours. 

Please complete the registration process before March 29, 2023 to avoid delays in accessing your LSCPA online applications.

Setting Up Duo

Step 1: Install the Duo Mobile app on your device

Step 2: Enroll your device

Logging in with the Duo Mobile App

You will be required to use Duo daily the first time you use a particular web browser to login. If you login using different browsers on the same device, each browser may require its own Duo login . If you close your browser, you may be prompted for another Duo login the next time you use that browser to access a protected application.

If you change your password, you will need to login with Duo again.

Login Instructions