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SOAR Training

SOAR Training

(Students Obtaining Achievement in Reading)

Seahawks SOAR Reading Strategies Training Videos
"In Search of the Rings of Reading"
Written and Directed by Dr. Laura Stafford
Episodes of a Student's quest to master the SOAR strategies!

Episode 1: The Search Begins

This introductory episode sets the scene for the teaching episodes which follow. It explains why the student is on a quest and why Lamar State College-Port Arthur developed a reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition focus for the Quality Enhance Plan known as Seahawks SOAR (Students Obtain Achievement in Reading). Faculty and students are encouraged to view the first episode at least once to understand the overall story line. Other episodes may be viewed individually or in order to learn how to use the different strategies.

Episode 2: In Search of KWL

KWL: Know, Want, Learn is a method by which students connect what they already know on the given reading topic to what they need to know in the material. First students consider what they already know about the material, and then they formulate questions about what they want or need to know. Finally, they learn the new material. KWL also uses a loose flowchart format (Ogle).

Episode 3: In Search of Concept Definition Maps

Concept Definition Maps: A type of graphic organizer, concept definition maps clarify a word's essential characteristics or qualities by making a visual map of the category, properties, and illustrations of the term. This vocabulary-building strategy is also a means of defining concepts other than vocabulary, such as the quadratic equation or genus. (Schwarts and Raphael)

Episode 4: In Search of Context/Content Clues

Context/Content Clues: This vocabulary-building strategy identifies 5 types of context clues for students to look for, when they encounter an unfamiliar word while reading. The clues are definition, synonym, example, contrast, and inference.

Episode 5: In Search of SQ3R

SQ3R: Introduced in Francis Pleasant Robinson's 1946 book Effective Study, SQ3R is an acronym for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. Using this method, students create a type of flowchart on which they preview the material and formulate questions that guide their reading. As they read the material, students look for answers to their questions. When they finish reading, they summarize the information aloud and review it again (Robinson).

Episode 6: In Search of Selective Underlining/Annotation

Selective Underlining/Annotation: The strategy helps students organize information in texts by using a variety of marking techniques, including underlining, marginal note taking, highlighting, and color coding. (Santa, Havens, and Maycumber; Holschuh & Altman).

Episode 7: In Search of Quizlet

Quizlet: Quizlet is a simple-to-use online site that is especially useful for vocabulary acquisition. The free site features flashcards, spelling practice, self-tests, word games, and a progress tracker. This final episode completes the student's quest showing how the campus is soaring to success.

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