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Procedures if a Seizure Occurs

In the event that a seizure occurs in your classroom or you see a student experiencing a seizure, follow these steps:

  1. Call 911 and report an emergency and also call security immediately 984-6255 (ext. 6255) or 720-7369 to let them know a student is having a seizure and the location.
  2. Stay as calm as possible. Most seizures only last a few minutes.
  3. Prevent the student from injury by moving any nearby objects out of the way.
  4. Make sure the student is as comfortable as possible and if it is possible position the student on his/her side.
  5. Again, remain calm. Speak quietly and reassure the student and onlookers.
  6. Do not hold the student down.
  7. Do not put anything in the student’s mouth.
  8. Do not give the student water, pills, or food.
  9. Be sensitive and supportive and ask others/onlookers to do the same.
  10. Once EMS and LSCPA security are on the scene allow them space to do their jobs.