Campus Tours

Welcome to our campus tours! Here, every step introduces you to the heart of our vibrant academic community. Our campus is a hub of innovation, excellence, and diversity. Join us as we explore state-of-the-art facilities, meet passionate faculty, and experience the dynamic spirit that defines us. Whether you're a prospective student, parent, or returning student, come immerse yourself in our unique charm and envision the endless opportunities that await! 

Madison Monroe Education Building 

Currently under renovation, expected to be completed by Spring 2025. Here is where all the General education classes are held.  

Student Center 

1st floor: Seawall Cafe. Check-in to meet with Student Services departments. 

2nd floor: Student Government Association lounge, game room, pantry, student IDs 

3rd floor: Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Admissions & Records, and the Dean of Student Services 

4th floor: Faculty and staff offices are located.

Ruby Fuller Building 

Enrollment Services office to assist with the student enrollment process. 

Excellencia Center, Peer Tutoring, Success Coaching, and Outreach Coordinator.

Gates Memorial Library 

Library Services and IT help.

Cosmetology Center & Cosmetology Annex 

Classrooms and workstations for all cosmetology programs.

Allied Health Building & Allied Health Annex 

Classrooms and labs for all nursing/surgical tech programs. The new allied health building will be the largest building on campus with state-of-the-art classrooms and new training labs.

Business Office 

Take care of student fees and financial matters. 

Education Buildings I & II 

It is now the computer lab, although we also have general education sessions there. 

Workforce Training Building 

Helping people, companies, sectors, and the community meet their needs for education and training is the aim of the Workforce Training and Continuing Education Department. The goal of every training session is to help, encourage, and uplift the students who are taking part.

Student Success Center 

Testing Center and Disability Services and developmental classes are held here. 

Carl A Parker Multipurpose Center 

Classrooms for Kinesiology program.  Weight room and dance hall are open and available for student use.  Full-size gym and home of the LSCPA male basketball team. Also, we have special events that are held at the Carl Parker Center.

Performing Arts Center 

All students studying graphic design, commercial music, and the visual and performing arts have access to classrooms and studios, and general education classes are also conducted here.

Sheila McCarthy Umphrey Industrial Technology Center 

Classrooms and training facilities for all industrial technology and business programs. We provide medical office, HVAC, drafting, instrumentation tech, medical coding, and process tech.

Seahawk Landing 

Here at Seahawk Landing, welcome! Student residences on campus are designed like apartments. We provide virtual tours! At 1550 Lakeshore Drive, directly across from the school. It has apartments with one to four bedrooms that range in size from 404 to 1107 square feet. A basketball court, a picnic/BBQ area, a fireplace, semi-furnished rates per bed, and other features are available. Please contact our office at 409-984-5460 if you have any questions. 

Small Business Development Center 

Located in Port Arthur, Texas, the Small Business Center offers training programs and business advice. To assist small businesses in starting, developing, expanding, and succeeding, the small business offers business advice, training, tools, and resources.