Seahawk Book Bundle

Save Money With The Seahawk Book Bundle

Lamar State College Port Arthur is working hard to save you money! The Seahawk Book Bundle is a textbook rental program that provides students with all required textbooks, manuals and access codes before the first day of class.

Only $14 per credit hour after discount!

What’s even better is this program is only $14 per credit hour after a $10 discount from the college. This is typically far less than purchasing textbooks, manuals and access codes online or in a store.

Barnes and Noble Bookstore

The Barnes and Noble Bookstore is now virtual. Purchase textbooks, supplies, apparel, and other items online at Check frequently for new offers and promotions like free shipping or 10% off!

You can also make purchases at the Beaumont location on the campus of Lamar University:

Address: Setzer Center - 4405 Jimmy Simmons Blvd., Beaumont, Texas 77710
Phone: 409-880-8342

Facebook: Follow the Bookstore  

Seahawk Book Bundle Frequently Asked Questions

The Seahawk Book Bundle is a rental program that allows students to receive textbooks for all classes at a standard rate of $24 per semester credit hour. If a student, for example, is registered for 10 SCH, the cost of textbooks is $240.

  • Register for your classes and Barnes & Noble College (BNC) will start preparing your course materials
  • Approximately one month before classes start, you will receive a welcome email. Your next email will instruct you to select your delivery preference (in-store pickup at BNC Lamar University – Setzer Center (4405 Jimmy Simmons Blvd, Beaumont, TX 77710; phone: 409-880-8342; email:​) or shipped directly to you). Students will have an opportunity to confirm their shipping address if this preference is selected.

Please note: Student Services is working on arrangements to pick-up items at BNC Beaumont and bring them to Port Arthur for students to pick-up on campus.

  • An email notification will be sent when your order is ready for pickup or when it ships.
  • Your digital materials will be delivered for your course(s) within BlackBoard.

The Seahawk Book Bundle program fee will be added to the charges shown on your LSPCA Student Account. Just like other charges, it can be paid by financial aid or be paid for out of pocket. If you enroll in a payment plan, this charge will be included in the payment plan calculations. Supplies are not included in this program and will need to be purchased separately.

Students will receive emails to remind them to verify their order. Students who do not verify their order and do not opt-out will still be charged the Seahawk Book Bundle program fee.

Students who verify their order and do not opt-out of the program will still be charged.

The program provides all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes and digital textbook versions to eligible students. Workbooks that have actual assignments and worksheets inside will not have to be returned.

The program does not include consumables that cannot be returned and reused such as lab goggles, dissection kits, or nursing kits.

All eligible students will be automatically enrolled in the Seahawk Book Bundle.

Dual credit students are NOT automatically enrolled in the Seahawk Book Bundle. Dual credit students who wish to join the program must contact Hilda Billups ( or 409-984-6102).

We realize this program may not meet the needs of every student. If you do not wish to participate in the Seahawk Book Bundle, you will need to opt-out every semester. Students will be able to opt-out of the Seahawk Book Bundle and have all charges removed from their account beginning approximately 30 days before classes start until the 12th class day. Students who mistakenly opt-out of the program and wish to opt back in will be able to do so beginning the 1st class day. The program status will be final after the 12th class day. If you did not opt-out by the deadline, then you will still be charged the program fee. The opt-out feature will be provided on the Seahawk Book Bundle web page, and students will have to login to opt-out of the program.

No, the Seahawk Book Bundle program is an all-in or all-out program.

Students who do not want to participate in the program should opt-out of the program beginning the 30 days before classes start and no later than the 12th class day.

If you change courses, you will receive another email link to verify changes and select your delivery method. Course material no longer needed will need to be returned.

You may return the book on the same terms and timelines currently in place for book rentals. If you drop a class and enroll in a different class, your book will be swapped with the required book or code.

The Seahawk Book Bundle program will be handled in the same fashion as all other tuition and fees.

Accessible format books are available for students with disabilities. Eligibility and requests are handled by the Office of Disability Services.

The LSCPA virtual bookstore website will provide all the details surrounding books needed for classes. There will be a link that has market prices for you to compare the costs of purchasing the books/codes or participating in the program.

The deadline to return all rental textbooks is the last day of finals. Students will receive email reminders about the rental deadline to their email address. This process will remain unchanged for students.

Yes, the program provides you with the option to purchase textbooks at a reduced rate during the return period. The rental buyout price is a discounted price based upon the market-value of that unique material.

The student would work directly with the BNC and payment will be accepted by BNC. Charges for purchasing a book are not transferred to your LSCPA Student Account.


We know things happen! Contact the LSCPA BNC representative to work it out on a case by case basis.

The material included in the Seahawk Book Bundle is in the format requested by faculty. Students who opt-out of the program may have more options available to determine the preferred format.

Yes, you will still be required to return continuation course textbooks. You will be issued the same title for the next semester of the continuation course.

The purchase price of the textbooks will be added to your LSCPA balance, and a hold will be placed on your account.

Yes, apparel and other items may still be purchased from the virtual bookstore. Items may also be purchased from the BNC vending machine located on the 1st floor of the Madison Monroe Educational Building (MMED).

Caps and gowns may be ordered at For questions about caps and gowns, call the Barnes & Noble Beaumont location at 409-880-8342.

The Seahawk Book Bundle is a college-wide initiative to lower the costs of books and ensure students have required course material by the first day of class.

For questions about the Seahawk Book Bundle contact Student Services by emailing or calling 409-984-6157. For order specific questions, please contact Barnes & Noble College (BNC) by calling 409-880-8342.