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Brand Guide & Graphic Identity Standards

The Lamar State College Port Arthur Brand Guide was created to provide all LSCPA employees and associates with the information they need to maintain the College's brand and visual identity through an easy-to-follow set of guidelines.

Download a PDF version of the LSCPA Branding/Social Media Guidelines.

Consistent use of these standards by everyone involved in the creation of LSCPA communications helps maintain the integrity of the brand and the effectiveness of the graphic identity. This includes external suppliers such as advertising and design agencies and printers, as well as internal LSCPA communications and IT professionals.

The Office of Public Information is happy to answer questions related to the system and provide art and production assistance when needed.

For more information, contact Gerry L. Dickert, Coordinator of Public Information at 409-984-6342 (office), 409-460-8096 (cell) or

Lamar State College Port Arthur Logos

To download a logo, right-click on the link and "save link as..." and select the location where you would like the image to save on your computer. You may also simply click the link then right-click on the resulting image and save that to your computer. Four-color images are typically used for professionally printed jobs while three-color images are best for desktop publishing in your office or for digital use with email, blogs, social media or other web pages. Please always remember to follow the Branding Guidelines as set forth in the College's policy.

The College's official colors are:

  • Dark Blue (Pantone 296 -- Cyan 100, Magenta 99, Yellow 32, Black 27)
  • Light Blue (Pantone 2915 -- Cyan 58, Magenta 12, Yellow 0, Black 0)
Type of Logo Image Download Links
College Seal College Seal
Informal Logo College Logo
Athletics Seahawks Logo 1 Seahawks logo with bird
Athletics Seahawks Logo 2 Seahawks logo bird only
Athletics Seahawks Logo 3 Seahawks Logo bird head only
Athletics Seahawks Logo 4 Seahawks logo text only
Athletics Seahawks Basketball Logo Seahawks basketball logo
Athletics Seahawks Softball Logo Seahawks softball logo
Athletics Seahawks Round Logo Seahawks circular logo
Texas Genuine Affiliation Logo Career and Technical Education Texas Genuine
Texas State University System Logo 1 Member The Texas State University System logo horizontal
Texas State University System Logo 2

Member The Texas State University System Logo Vertical

Student Government Association

Student Government Association logo