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Disability Services

The Office for Disability Services (ODS) supports Lamar State College Port Arthur’s (LSCPA) commitment to students possessing diverse goals and backgrounds and provides equal opportunity to participate in the educational programs and activities offered and sponsored by LSCPA.

The ODS seeks to minimize barriers by providing and coordinating services to maximize each student’s educational potential and develop their independence.

The ODS serves the following student populations:

Students with Disabilities

A disability is any physical or mental condition that results in in an impairment in a major life activity such as, but not limited to learning, reading, writing, seeing, hearing, concentrating, sleeping, communicating, walking, or any condition that is considered as substantially limiting.  As a student with a disability, you are a valued member of the LSCPA community.

To obtain services for a disability, a student must:
  • Apply and be accepted for admission to LSCPA through the regular admissions process;
  • Register with the ODS and meet with the ODS Coordinator (MMED 231);
  • Provide comprehensive documentation of the disability requiring accommodation;
  • Obtain and accommodation letter from the ODS Coordinator each semester; and
  • Provide a copy of the accommodation letter to each instructor, each semester the student is registered.
It is recommended that the student deliver the accommodation letter to each instructor during his/her office hours to preserve confidentiality. Accommodations only become effective when the instructor receives the letter.

Students enrolled in online courses follow the same process as those enrolled in on-campus courses.

Students who are members of a Special Population

Special Population is defined by the Perkins V Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act of 2019.

Other Resources



The Office for Disability Services hopes you, your family, and friends are well and staying safe.

Please don’t hesitate to contact ODS by email or chat through Microsoft Teams with questions or if your needs have changed due to using the online format for classes.

The ODS is encouraging all students to make contact by email or Microsoft Teams as a way of keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Email Contact or

Microsoft Teams (video chat)

Temporary Office Hours

The Office for Disability Services
Will be
Tuesday and Thursday
8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Working from Home
Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday and
Tuesday/Thursday after 2:00pm

The following assistive technologies have been made FREE for your use at home/online:

  • JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion
    • Freedom Scientific has short-term licenses available of three software packages for individuals with a personal email address.
  • WordQ
    • has a form for a trial to use for remote work or online learning. Once you fill out the form, they'll email you with your trial information within 24 hrs. This software includes word prediction, speech feedback, proofreading, and spelling and grammar check.
  • Kurzweil 3000
    • Kurzweil is offering a temporary FREE subscription for everyone

Contact Information

For more information about the services provided by the Office for Disability Services at LSCPA, please contact:


Laurie Marcantel, M.Ed., L.P.C., A.T.S.
Office for Disability Services, Coordinator
Phone: (409) 984-6241
Fax: (409) 984-6056