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Day Care Assistance Program

Thank you for your interest in Lamar State College-Port Arthur’s Day Care Assistance Program. The program is designed to lessen the financial cost of day care for qualifying students who show a financial need and an ability to benefit from higher education, specifically by majoring in an Associate of Applied Science or Certificate program that leads to a career in a high-tech, high-paying job.

  • You must print and completely fill out the application.
  • Return it to Laurie Marcantel, the Office for Disability Services Coordinator, in the Madison Monroe Educational Building (MMED) Rm. 231.
  • Include all necessary documentation as specified.
    • Please include on the application all possible phone numbers where you may be reached or where a message may be left for you.
    • A vendor information form and a W-9 are also required and must be completed by your day care provider.
      • It is necessary that all applicable information be provided or day care assistance cannot be provided.
      • It is your responsibility to make sure your child care provider completes those forms and they must be returned with your day care assistance application.

Please be aware that completing an application does not automatically insure that you will qualify for day care services.

In order to be considered for day care benefits you must

  • be registered for a minimum of 12 semester hours (during a Fall or Spring semester) and
  • either 3 semester hours during each Summer session or 6 semester hours if enrolled for only 1 Summer session.
  • No more than 50% of your classes can be online.
  • It is required that you maintain at least a 2.0 semester GPA to be approved for day care assistance.

The deadline to apply for each semester is on the first-class day of that semester. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • It cannot be determined if you will be receiving assistance for the semester until after the 12th class day (for a Fall or Spring semester) and the 4th class day for the Summer sessions.
  • Day care assistance will cover from the first-class day through the last day of the semester or Summer session.
  • Students must be prepared to pay for the first month of day care while your application is being reviewed.
  • You will be notified by mail after the 12th/4th class day as to whether or not you will be receiving day care assistance for the semester.

The day care assistance program is designed to lessen the financial burden of day care. Program assistance covers $50.00 per week, per child attending day care.

  • The day care provider is paid by LSCPA once per month
    • after the invoice is received from the day care provider and
    • the student has submitted the appropriate Weekly Attendance Sheets, signed by his/her instructors.
    • The student will be responsible for paying any remaining weekly cost to the day care provider.

It is the student’s responsibility to select a day care provider.

  • Students may search online at Texas Health and Human Services Child Care Search to find providers.
  • Using this website,
    • Students may enter requirements, including the zip code and you will be provided with a list of child care providers, including their locations and phone numbers.
    • Students may also, select specific providers to research licensing history and compliance with health and safety standards.
    • Be sure to visit the day care you are considering so you may speak with the caregivers and observe the interaction between the children and staff.
    • Students might also speak to parents who have children attending the specific day care.
    • The final decision about location a day care provider is yours.

The Office for Disability Services looks forward to you having a positive college experience.

Download the Application for Day Care Assistance