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Special Populations

The Office for Disability Services provides services to the following student populations:

  • Individuals preparing for non-traditional training and employment
    • Non-traditional fields are "occupations or fields of work, including careers in computer science, technology and other current and emerging high skill occupations, for which individuals from one gender make up less than 25% of the individuals employed in each such occupation or field of work."
    • Mentoring is available for students who are majoring in non-traditional programs.
  • Students from economically disadvantaged families and low-income students
  • Students who are in or have aged out of the foster care system
  • Homeless students
  • Students with a parent who is on active duty in the US Armed Forces
  • Single Parents and Single Pregnant Women
  • Out-of-Workforce Individuals
    • An individual who worked without pay to provide care for the home and family and as a result has diminished marketable skills, is unemployed or underemployed and finds it difficult to obtain or upgrade employment, and has been forced into the workforce due to divorce, death, or injury of a spouse/partner who was the income provider for the family.
  • English Learners
    • Computer software is available in the MMED Rm #231A, for English learners who experience barriers due to limited ability in reading, writing, and speaking the English Language as a result of their native language being one other than English or who live in a family environment where a language other than English is the dominate language.
    • Referrals are also available for students who request ESL assistance.

Contact Information

For more information please contact:


Laurie Marcantel, M.Ed., L.P.C., A.T.S.
Office for Disability Services, Coordinator
Phone: (409) 984-6241
Fax: (409) 984-6056