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Eligibility for Services

The ODS provides services and accommodations for students who have a wide variety of disabilities.  Any student who has a disability as defined by the ADAAA and the Rehabilitation Act is eligible for services.  Disabilities include, but are not limited to mobility issues, visual or hearing impairment, diagnosed learning disabilities, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and head injuries.  Students with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, seizure disorder, lupus, or psychiatric disabilities are also eligible, based on the diagnosis and the student’s assessment of specific needs.  Individuals with temporary disabilities may receive services.

To obtain services, a student must:

  • apply and be accepted for admission to LSCPA through the regular admissions process;
  • complete a form to request services and meet with the ODS Coordinator;
  • provide comprehensive documentation of the disability requiring accommodation;
  • obtain an accommodation memo from the ODS each semester; and,
  • provide a copy of the accommodation memo to each instructor, each semester the student is registered.  Students are encouraged to provide the accommodation memo to the instructors in each instructor’s office, during the instructor’s established office hours to maintain confidentiality.

To receive services, each student with a disability must provide appropriate documentation of his/her disability, which must meet the criteria detailed below.  Each student must meet with the ODS Coordinator.  After engaging in the interactive process with a student, the ODS Coordinator determines specific services and accommodations the College provides.  Every student receiving services from the ODS has a documented disability.

Students with disabilities who anticipate barriers to full participation in courses are encouraged to meet with the ODS Coordinator to explore the services and possible accommodations that might be available.  New students should begin this process as soon as they are aware they have been admitted.  Current students should begin this process as soon as there is an anticipated need.  Once accommodations have been assigned, and the student has provided the accommodations memo to their instructor(s), the instructor(s) have up to one (1) week to implement.  Accommodations are not backdated, so it is important for the student to plan ahead and submit the accommodations memo to instructors at the beginning of the semester.