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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a disability, so is there a special procedure when I apply to Lamar State College Port Arthur?

Students with disabilities apply to LSCPA through the regular admissions process. There are no special procedures to apply and LSCPA will not consider or discriminate against applicants based on their disability. Students can apply online at ApplyTexas. Contact Enrollment Services for more information on applying to LSCPA.

I have a disability, but do I have to request accommodations at LSCPA?

You do not have to identify yourself as a student with a disability at LSCPA. However, you cannot receive disability accommodations until you disclose that information to the ODS Coordinator and submit documentation of your disability from an appropriate source

Can I be denied admission to LSCPA because I have a disability?

No. LSCPA is a two-year, open-admissions institution and you will not be denied admission because you have a disability.

Will I be charged a fee for receiving services through the Office for Disability Services?

No. There is no charge for receiving accommodations or services through the ODS.

What should I do if I think I have a disability and never received disability services in high school or my previous college?

If you think you may have a disability that is affecting your performance in college courses, you will need to meet with the ODS Coordinator and provide documentation of the disability to the Coordinator. The documentation must come from a professional who is licensed or certified to diagnose the disability. You can schedule an appointment to meet with the ODS Coordinator in Room 231 of the Madison Monroe Educational Building to discuss your disability, determine any potential accommodations and services, and obtain referral information.

I think I have a disability so will the Office for Disability Services or LSCPA provide me with an assessment?

No. LSCPA seeks to provide equal access to educational opportunities and programs to students with disabilities as that of any non-disabled student. It is not the role of our office to conduct assessments or provide testing for disabilities. The student is responsible for providing current documentation of their disability, any testing required to diagnose a disability, and the cost of any assessment or testing. The ODS is glad to provide referral information.

What role do my parents play in the process?

Your parents are a wonderful source of support and encouragement. However, students who are 18 years old and older are legal adults and are independently responsible for requesting accommodations and making disability-related decisions. College is a time for students to become familiar with and responsible for this process.

May I request disability accommodations or services for my child?

All requests for accommodations or services must come from the student.

I received special education (IDEA) or 504 services in high school, what do I do now?

Colleges do not have programs, such as special education or design Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs). Colleges are required to provide reasonable accommodations that give access to an education. You can bring your 504, IEP or Annual Review & Dismissal (ARD), and Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) paperwork to the ODS Coordinator to discuss any possible accommodations and obtain referral information if it is determined that further documentation/information is required to assign reasonable accommodations.

Will the ODS Coordinator look for me to provide services like the counselors did when I was in high school?

There is no special education in college. Due to IDEA, high schools are responsible for seeking out and identifying students with disabilities and providing services. In college IDEA no longer applies and it becomes your responsibility to seek out disability services and to obtain an accommodation memo each semester you want accommodations.

Will I get the same accommodations as I did in high school?

Possibly. Keep in mind that accommodations in college are assigned to give access, so they are made on an individual basis and depend on your current functional limitations. Accommodations you received in high school might not apply to your current situation. Therefore, you might be assigned some of the same accommodations and you might be accommodated in different ways.

What is Texas Workforce Solutions/Vocational Rehabilitation?

TWS/VR is an agency that assists individuals with disabilities by providing various services. They can help with job placement and possibly assistance with college expenses.

I am not a customer of the Texas Workforce Solutions/Vocational Rehabilitation so can I still get accommodations?

Yes. You do not have to be a TWS/VR customer to receive disability accommodations. If you believe you qualify for those services, the ODS will be glad to provide you with information to contact the local office.

What If I need a sign language interpreter?

You will need to meet with the ODS Coordinator as soon as possible so interpreters can be arranged for your courses. LSCPA provides interpreting services to deaf and hard of hearing students for both classroom and other college functions.

What do I do if I need note-taking assistance?

Meet with the ODS Coordinator to request assistance with lecture notes. You can request an accommodation to use a recording device or you can request assistance with notes. If you select to receive lecture notes you will need to come to the ODS and collect your class notes daily.

What if I need someone to read a test to me?

Meet with the ODS Coordinator so it can be determined if you are eligible for a reader. This accommodation will be listed on your accommodation memo and arrangements will be made for a reader to be available.

Who will know I have a disability?

LSCPA values your confidentiality. No information is released without your signed consent, except as required by law. Your instructors will know what accommodations to provide in the classrooms when you give them the accommodations memo. It is recommended that you hand each instructor the accommodations memo in the instructor’s office, during his/her office hours as listed on the course syllabus, to maintain your confidentiality.

Will my college transcript show that I received accommodations?

No. Your disability and your accommodations are considered confidential and no information disclosing that information will be written on your transcript.