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Information for Parents/Guardians of an Adult College Student with Disabilities

Parents/Guardians play an important role in assisting their daughter or son with making a smooth transition to the college environment.  The following information will hopefully answer some questions, ease some concerns and allow parents to encourage their child to take on the role of seeking, and obtaining accommodations at LSCPA.

LSCPA and the ODS are prohibited by law from releasing any information including information about a student’s education, grades, disability, or identifying information to anyone outside of the college, including the student’s parents/guardians without signed permission from the student unless there is a court order.  There is a specific section of the ODS information form that must be completed by the student to allow the ODS Coordinator to speak with the person(s) the student designates.  The Coordinator is unable to discuss information about specific students to anyone other than who the student lists on the form and without signed permission from the student. 

If a parent/guardian is concerned about his/her adult student’s accommodations the parent is welcome to contact the ODS Coordinator and discuss the concerns.  If the Coordinator was not given permission by the student to discuss the student’s education, grades, disability, and/or identifying information with the parent/guardian and determines it is appropriate, then the student will be contacted by the Coordinator to obtain written permission to speak with that person.  Students are encouraged to provide permission to speak to their parents/guardians at the time of the initial meeting.

Although a student may give the Coordinator permission to speak with his/her parent/guardian, that permission does not apply to other members of the faculty or staff at LSCPA.  If a parent feels it necessary to speak to an instructor or another member of the LSCPA staff, the student must also provide that specific faculty or staff member with written permission to speak to his/her parent(s) or another person who is seeking information.  This applies to all students who are over the age of eighteen (18). 

The ODS staff members are unable to keep track of students’ progress in college courses and encourage them to seek assistance as soon as they are aware they are having difficulty in a class.  Students are encouraged to maintain open and honest communication with their parents/guardians.  Some students choose to attend college without identifying themselves as a student with a disability or following through each semester by obtaining accommodations. 

The ODS recognizes attending college is a time of acquiring the academic and technical knowledge required to obtain a career.  It is also a time of learning about the various cultural values of people your adult student will meet.  Hopefully, students will make lifelong friendships and develop support systems, have fun and make many happy memories, and learn to be independent individuals who will become valued members of society.  Thus, we suggest that parents/guardians allow their adult students to begin exploring their independence as a student at LSCPA.