Apply for a Hurricane Harvey grant

What is a Hurricane Harvey emergency? What is a legitimate expense?

A Hurricane Harvey emergency is an unexpected event or circumstance that occurred due to Hurricane Harvey that could lead to decreased student performance, cause a loss of momentum toward academic success, affect a student’s ability to complete their education, and/or cause an unforeseen expense. Expense examples include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Costs related to loss of transportation
  • Housing
  • Emergency medical care
  • Wages lost due to business closing or inability to access work
  • Damaged text books
  • Home repairs, materials and supplies

Hurricane Harvey Grant Information

There are two (2) types of applications for the Harvey Grant. To apply for the Summer II 2019 Harvey Grant, click on the appropriate link below:

If you are uploading scanned documents or other large files from a mobile phone or tablet, LSCPA recommends you use a wireless network connection instead of your mobile/cellular data plan to make sure the files are uploaded correctly. Alternatively, use a desktop or laptop computer with a hardwired or wireless network connection. You may fill out this application from a computer on campus.

  1. Harvey Grant for those who have NEVER RECEIVED the Harvey Grant
  2. Harvey Grant for those who HAVE RECEIVED the Harvey Grant