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Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA)
New/Incoming Students
Summer 2021 and Fall 2021

Students entering Lamar State College Port Arthur in the Summer 2021 or Fall 2021 semesters who have not taken the Texas State Initiative Assessment (TSIA) are allowed to delay taking the TSIA and may enroll in coursework in Summer 2021 and Fall 2021.  

Students will be holistically advised to determine the option that is best for individual students. Holistic Advising takes the following factors into consideration before placing a student:

  1. Student Intent (Degree seeking or certificate?)
  2. High School GPA
  3. Successful completion of Algebra II or higher mathematics
  4. Pre-AP/ AP courses (advanced placement)
  5. Non-Cognitive factors
    1. Motivation
    2. Self-Efficacy
    3. Work responsibilities
    4. Family Responsibilities
    5. Self-reported anxiety of the subject matter
    6. Traditional vs. Non-Traditional student (how long as it been since successful completion of the high school level course)

Options for students who have not taken TSI:

  1. Students may enroll in the Co-Requisite models for Reading/Writing or Mathematics. This will pair the college entry course with the developmental NCBO.  ENGL1301/DENG 0301, MATH 1332/DENG 0132, MATH 1314/DMTH 0314, MATH 1342/DENG 0142.
  2. Students may enroll directly into the college level course for ENGL 1301 and MATH without taking the Developmental NCBO course. 
  3. Students may enroll in ANY entry-level (freshman) academic course.  These must be entry-level and not require other college-level courses as a prerequisite.
  4. Students may enroll in courses that do not have TSI completion as a prerequisite, for instance Public Speaking, Art Appreciation, Physical Science. 
  5. Students may take the TSIA and be advised accordingly


Students may not enroll in Developmental Education Courses (except CoRequisite NCBO) without taking the TSIA. This includes students who have been holistically advised.

Students who have already taken the TSIA and are not TSI-complete will be advised according to their scores.  This includes new, transfer, and returning students.

Students must complete the TSIA in the Fall 2021 semester OR successfully complete courses in the Co-Requisite Model by passing the college-level course OR by passing a course which has minimum TSIA scores as entrance requirements. 

Students will be advised accordingly for the following semester.