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Graphic Design Certificate

Student working at computer, using a graphics design program.
Graphic Design Level I Certificate

Maurice Abelman, Program Director
Student Center, Office 413
(409) 984-6389 or

The Certificate in Graphic Design provides a degree alternative to students interested in programming, database administration, and introductory game development. The degree emphasizes major programming languages, as well as the courses necessary to develop skills for designing effective web pages, designing and implementing databases, and integrating multimedia, graphics, and animation for introductory game design. 

The Graphic Design program will best service students who want to be ready to enter the computer graphic job market quickly but also have a well-rounded education with transferable core courses that can be used for future employment and educational growth. It provides exposure to the fine arts components of graphic design as well as technological computer components. 

The program develops skills in both print and digital media, giving students a chance to decide if they would prefer to work in Graphic Design for printing (such as magazine ads, newspapers, brochures, and other publications) or for digital end use (such as web pages, digital video, multimedia, animation, and other digitized images for viewing on a computer monitor or other screen). Students exiting the program could seek employment in a wide variety of fields including Commercial and Industrial Design, Multimedia and Animation, and Graphic Design.

Recommended Program of Study
Course Title SCH
First Year
Fall Semester
ARTS 1301 Art Appreciation 3
ARTS 1311 Design I 3
ARTS 1316 Drawing I 3
IMED 1416/
GRPH 1405
Web Design I or
Introduction to Graphic Arts and Printing
ITSC 1401 Introduction to Computers 4
POFT 1127 Introduction to Keyboarding 1
Spring Semester
ARTC 2317 Typographic Design 3
ARTC 1313 Digital Publishing I 3
ARTS 1303/
ARTS 1304
Art History I or
Arts History II
IMED 1301 Introduction to Digital Media 3
POFT 2312/
ITSW 1310
Business Correspondence & Communication or
Introduction to Presentation Graphics Software
Total 33