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Office 365 Apps Deactivation Instructions

Screen capture of office deactivation screen
Deactivate Office

Office 365 Apps are available free of charge to current students, faculty, and staff. These instructions will walk you through deactivating the software on your personal devices. More information about Office 365 Apps is available for students or faculty/staff

  1. Go to the LSCPA website at
  2. Click on the MyLSCPA link at the top of the page.
  3. Log in with your MyLSCPA username and password.
  4. On the MyLSCPA portal, select the card labeled Email and Documents (Office 365). See Figure 1.
Fig. 1: Office 365 Card
Screen capture showing Office 365 card in MyLSCPA Portal
  1. A new tab will open, showing your email.
  2. Click on the round Account icon (your initials or your photo) on the top right corner of the window.
  3. Click on the My account link on the menu. See Figure 2.
Fig. 2: My account link
Screen capture of menu showing my account link
  1. On the My account page, select Office apps on the menu. See Figure 3.
Fig. 3: Office apps link
Screen capture of menu showing office apps link
  1. On the next page, select Office apps & devices. See Figure 4.
Fig. 4: Apps & Devices link
Screen capture of menu showing Apps and Devices link
  1. The Apps & Devices page shows the number of installs of Office you have already performed. You may have up to 5. Click on the drop down arrow to list individual devices.
  2. Find the device to be deactivated and click on the Deactivate link.
  3. A confirmation window will open. Click Yes to continue.
  4. The confirmation window will close and the number of installs should show one (1) less. 

The software is now deactivated on that device. Please note that it will not uninstall the software, but will disable it from being used.

If you want to activate it on the device in the future, follow the instructions for Installing Microsoft Office 365 Apps.

If you have any problems installing or deactivating the software, please contact the IT Help Desk at (409) 984-6150.

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