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Faculty & Staff Incentive Awards Guidelines

Adopted 2003; Revised 2005, 2006, 2009, 2013

Lamar State College-Port Arthur believes that each employee has a responsibility to maintain competence in his/her teaching field(s), area of responsibility, or duty assignment. The institution encourages faculty and staff to pursue professional growth and development, participate in professional associations, and engage in appropriate research and creative endeavors. The Faculty and Staff Incentive Award Program has been designed to recognize and reward those employees whose professional activities or community service have brought credit to themselves and the College.

All employees are eligible for the Faculty and Staff Incentive Awards Program. Part-time faculty members are eligible (as indicated below) only for specified categories of the award. Awards will be made in the following categories:

  1. Publication of a book, play, or other major scholarly/creative work of 100 + pages (does not include self-published work, dissertation, or thesis). Part-time faculty members are eligible provided affiliation with Lamar State College-Port Arthur is noted in the publication (cash award-$500).
  2. Publication of paper, article, short story, play, or poem (minimum 1500 words) in a recognized magazine, journal, periodical, or collection (including professional, trade, educational, creative, or general interest publications). Part­-time faculty eligible provided affiliation with Lamar-Port Arthur is noted in publication (cash award-$250).
  3. Other published significant scholarly, creative, or professional works of 1000 words minimum or a drawing, painting, or photograph. Affiliation with the College must be formally noted. Part-time faculty members are eligible. Limit one award per employee per year ( cash award-$150).
  4. Significant professional growth beyond the minimum requirements for employment such as professional certification, attainment of advanced degree, etc. Applies to initial certification only.
    • Doctorate $500
    • Master's $400
    • Bachelor's $300
    • Certification $300 (Job-related, exam required, and requires minimum of a bachelor's degree)
    • Associate $200
    • Certification $100 (Job-related and exam required)
  5. Appointment or election to the office of president, vice president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, or board member in a professional organization which is relevant to campus duties or the discipline in which the person is teaching. Eligibility limited to full-time employees. Local means an organization that draws its membership from Hardin, Orange, and Jefferson counties as minimum. Excludes campus offices.
    • Local $200
    • State-wide $300
    • Multi-state $400
  6. Presentation (paper, seminar, demonstration, chairing or moderating a session, chairing a section, etc.) at a relevant professional convention, meeting, or workshop on the local, state, or national level. Part-time faculty members are eligible provided affiliation with Lamar-Port Arthur is formally noted. Local means an organization that draws its membership from Hardin, Orange, and Jefferson counties as a minimum. Excludes campus presentations.
    • Local $100
    • State-wide $150
    • Multi-state $200
Awards will be granted annually according to a schedule published by the VPAA. Eligible employees may nominate themselves or be nominated by a colleague. Nominations should initially go to the appropriate department chair or supervisor. Recommendations should proceed from the department chair/supervisor through the appropriate dean, the VPAA, and the President. The final determination for all awards rests with the President.