Key Control Policy


1.01 The Lamar State College - Port Arthur President is authorized by the Texas State University System Board of Regents to establish and administer regulations and procedures in order to provide for physical security of campus buildings and their occupants, and to provide for administration and control of campus keys. In accordance with this policy, the President has delegated the administration of the Key Control System to the Director of Physical Plant.



2.01 COLLEGE KEYS: Those keys which open buildings, interior doors and other locks in Lamar State College-Port Arthur (LSC-PA) facilities including furniture and equipment with the exception of the campus mailbox system which is administered through the office of the President.

2.02 CENTRAL KEY CONTROL FILE: Records maintained by the Physical Plant Department identifying keys by number and assignment. These files also include key/lock authorization request and key issue record forms with signatures of personnel having possession of campus keys. Confidentiality of this information will be maintained under authority of the President.

2.03 KEY CONTROL METHODS: Methods used by the Physical Plant Department and Security Department to assure access to facilities by only such personnel as are authorized by the proper authority.

2.04 KEYING SYSTEM: Numerical combinations used to extend or limit the variety of keys in use.

2.05 KEY CONTROL MANAGER: The person in the Physical Plant Department who the Physical Plant Director designates to perform key transactions, i.e., issuing recording and recovering keys in accordance with this policy.



3.01 The buildings and facilities of Lamar State College - Port Arthur are available for general use by LSC-PA employees and students for educational purposes. Under normal circumstances, the buildings will be opened (outside doors unlocked) for business, scheduled activities, classes, labs and library hours require. After 10:30p.m. and before 6:30a.m., access will be restricted according to the Building Security Policy.



4.01 Duplication of keys by anyone other than the person designated by the Director of Physical Plant is prohibited.



5.01 The Physical Plant Director will create and maintain a keying system in cooperation with LSC-PA Security Department which will ensure a reasonable balance of physical security and convenience to persons duly authorized to possess keys to LSC-PA facilities.

5.02 The Physical Plant Department will make and issue all College keys. No other source for keys is authorized except by approval of the President.

5.03 The Director of Physical Plant will control all lock work on existing campus facilities and property. Only the Physical Plant Department or its designee is authorized to install, alter or remove locks on any LSC-PA property when approved by the Director of Physical Plant or the President.

5.04 The Director of Physical Plant is responsible for coordinating lost-key records with Campus Security Department and Administrators and to determine whether re-keying of an area is required because of lost or misused keys.

5.05 The Physical Plant Director will furnish key information to LSC-PA Security and to other individuals only as authorized in writing by the President or Vice President for Student Services.



6.01 Authorizing the issuing of keys to their subordinate staff as they deem necessary and in accordance with this policy and the Building Security Policy.

6.02 Reporting to the Physical Plant Director or his designee, all key holders who are terminating employment or who are transferring to another office.

6.03 Ensuring the reporting of loss of keys to the Director of Physical Plant and to Security Department.



7.01 Completing and signing key authorization (requests) and key issue record. Maintaining possession and security of any and all College keys issued by the Physical Plant.

7.02 Immediately reporting loss or theft of College keys to their Department Head or the Director of Physical Plant and Campus Security.

7.03 All full-time employees authorized to control space or access buildings, or to access or operate key-protected devices are expected to request and be responsible for their own key(s) and to have on their person their own key(s) in order to unlock doors or operate the keyed devices where and when they are authorized. Maintenance personnel (including custodians) and Campus Security are not authorized to unlock doors for individuals at any time except when approved in advance from their Department Director or Dean.



8.01 Special security locks and keys for areas of special consideration may be permitted upon approval of the President.

8.02 No individual may use a personal lock for space control, nor may locks be changed or re-keyed without prior approval of the President or the Director of Physical Plant.

8.03 Areas approved for special locks or keys, if any, will not receive maintenance or custodial services except by special arrangement with the Director of Physical Plant. A representative of the office or department may be required to unlock the space and be present while maintenance or custodial work is done in the area with a special lock or key.

8.04 Special arrangements may also need to be made with Campus Security.



9.01 When authorized by a Department Head and the appropriate Dean or Director, individual room keys will be issued to full-time College employees controlling access to a space or facility, i.e., office, storage room, work room, lab, etc.

9.02 College keys will not be issued to students or other individuals who are not full-time LSC-PA employees except on approval by the President or the Vice President for Student Services. A key may be issued to a full-time employee for use by a student or other person when requested by a Dean or Director and authorized by the President or Vice President. The employee to whom the key is issued will retain personal responsibility for how the key is used and for return of the key(s).

9.03 Temporary assignment of keys may be requested for a specific purpose and for a specific period of time as approved by the appropriate Vice President, Dean or Department Head. Such a request must comply with all other sections of this policy. Keys requested for a specific purpose and period of time shall be returned to the Physical Plant Department at the beginning of the first work day following the end of the specific period of time. Disregard of this procedure may result in disciplinary action and may result in denial of future requests.

9.04 Building entrance keys may be issued to full-time employees if the employee's job responsibilities require such assignment and if approved by the appropriate Vice President or Dean responsible for the building.

9.05 Master keys may be issued to the LSC-PA employees as determined by the President.

9.06 In no case shall the issuance of a key or keys be authorized by the same person to whom the key or keys are to be issued, nor may keys be authorized by anyone with less than Department Head authority.

9.07 Keys shall not be exchanged between individuals. When no longer needed by the individual to whom they were issued, all LSC-PA keys shall be returned to the Physical Plant Department.

9.08 All individuals beginning extended leave or sabbatical shall return campus keys to the Physical Plant Department.

9.09 Eligibility to possess LSC-PA keys may be terminated at any time by the individual's Department Head, Dean, Vice President or the President, even though the individual may not have terminated employment.



10.01 The President is authorized to require payment of a reasonable cost to the College for each key not returned. The Department where the individual is (was) employed is responsible for the cost if the College is unable to secure payment by the individual.

10.02 Lost or un-retumed individual key: $10.00 each key lost and $ 20.00 for each lock that is re-keyed in order to restore security. An individual key may unlock more than one door.

10.03 Lost or un-retumed Sub-Master key: $50.00 each key lost and $20.00 for each lock that is re-keyed in order to restore security.

10.04 Lost or un-retumed Master key: Cost of re-keying the entire campus lock system.