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Orientation Courses

Students majoring in an associate of arts degree program must complete EDUC 1100 or PSYC 1100 (Learning Framework) as part of the core curriculum, and it is highly recommended that they do so in their first semester of college. Students majoring in an associate of applied science degree plan who are enrolled in a developmental course and who have not completed fifteen (15) semester credit hours of college level work are also required to enroll in and complete EDUC 1100 or PSYC 1100.

EDUC 1100 and PSYC 1100 [Learning Framework] provide an introduction and to college and assist the student in making adequate social and personal adjustments to college life and the factors affecting learning and success.

Opportunities are provided that allow students to develop educational and career goals, as well as to become familiar with institutional curricula and policies. Time management, note taking, and preparing for exams also are stressed.