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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The Quality Enhancement Plan is mandated by Core Requirement 7.2 of the Principles of Accreditation:

The institution has developed an acceptable Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that:

  • includes a broad-based institutional process identifying key issues emerging from institutional assessment,
  • focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of the institution,
  • demonstrates institutional capability for the initiation, implementation, and completion of the QEP,
  • includes broad-based involvement of institutional constituencies in the development and proposed implementation of the QEP, and
  • identifies goals and a plan to assess their achievement.

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan?

The QEP is a “carefully designed and focused course of action that addresses a well-defined issue or issues directly related to improving student learning.”

According to the Principles, the development of the QEP topic must result partially from significant input and participation by the various college stakeholders, including faculty, students, and staff. We also sought the input of various leaders in local business and industry.

The requirement for a QEP is an opportunity for LSCPA to identify and address significant issues that will help improve student learning. We are creating a Quality Enhancement Plan not only because it is a requirement for reaccreditation; we are also designing the program because LSC-PA values excellence in student learning. This Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is an opportunity for Lamar State College-Port Arthur “to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness by focusing on an issue or issues the institution considers important to improving student learning” (SACS/COC Handbook for Institutions Seeking Reaffirmation).

The QEP is a major part of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) reaffirmation of accreditation process that the LSC-PA must undergo every ten years. While a major portion of the reaffirmation process focuses on what the college has done in the past and what we are doing now, the QEP looks to the future.

SACS requires us to develop a plan for increasing the effectiveness of some aspect of our educational program related to student learning. Student learning, as defined by SACS, includes changes in:
  • knowledge
  • skills
  • behaviors or
  • values

QEP History 2010-2012

We determined the topic of our QEP in several ways. One of the main ways we decided what topic to pursue was by asking you what you think the college can do to improve learning. Thank you for all of your suggestions.

The QEP committee hosted a variety of activities throughout the semester to generate ideas and interest in the QEP topic. Other than keeping you informed about the QEP topic search through this website, we also hosted several small-group meetings of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. These focus groups gave participants a chance to explore their own experiences and make suggestions for ways LSC-PA can grow.

The QEP committee also examined and continues to examine the college’s culture, strategic planning, goals, mission, and assessment results from the past few years. In the spring of 2012 the faculty chose the name Seahawks SOAR (Students Obtaining Achievement in Reading) as the name for the Lamar State College-Port Arthur QEP. The logo was developed by the QEP Implementation Committee during the summer and the proposal will be presented to the SACS onsite visit in October 2012.

2013-2018 QEP
The 2013-2018 QEP impact report was completed and submitted as part of the 2018 Fifth Year Interim Report. It was approved with no recommendations.

2018-2023 QEP
The 2018-2023 QEP is currently in development, and will be submitted as part of the 2023 Reaffirmation. As of Fall 2021, the topic has been selected, and work has begun to address SACSCOC Standard 7.2.  Watch this space for status updates!

More information about the QEP and the entire reaffirmation process is available on the SACS-COC website at You can also find links on that site to what other colleges and universities have done for their QEP as well.