Spring 2017 Registration Raffle

Registration begins on Monday, November 7, 2016.
The sooner you register, the more chances you have to win!
Students can register themselves online, with their advisor, or in person at the Registrar’s Office.
  1. Only students who pay regular tuition and fees during the Fall 2016 Semester and Spring 2017 Semester are eligible to win the Raffle.
  2. Two $500 awards will be applied towards a student’s tuition and fees.
  3. Current LSCPA students who register for Spring 2017 Semester classes will be entered into two drawings that will pay up to $500 towards tuition and fees.
  4. Names of students who have registered by midnight each Thursday will be placed in the drawing held on Friday morning.
  5. Two drawings will occur at noon on November 18th and December 2nd!
  6. Register now and earn more chances to win! Students will have two entries in the November 18th drawing and four entries for the December 2nd drawing if they register before November 11th.
  7. Current LSCPA students are not eligible for the second drawing if they win the  first drawing.