ALERT: Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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    Covid testing, vaccines available across SE Texas

    As the Covid-19 Delta variant continues to ramp up, the need for testing and vaccines becomes even more important. Here's where you can get help.

    The website provides a search engine using your zip code to find current locations offering vaccinations as well as whether those locations currently have the vaccine in stock. In some instances, you may be able to set an appointment through this site.

    Click or tap this link to watch a video to learn more about the COVID-19 Delta Variant

    Below are some of the local options for those seeking one of the three Covid-19 vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson), as well as locations where testing is beind done:

    Online Resources, Appointments:
    4101 Twin City Hwy, Port Arthur, TX 77642, (409) 960-6122
    2712 FM 365, Nederland, TX 77627, (409) 721-5846
    485 Texas Ave, Bridge City, TX 77611, (409) 697-3211

    Online Resources, Appointments:
    3700 FM 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642, (409) 724-1914
    4746 Twin City Hwy, Groves, TX 77619
    4930 Gulfway Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642, (800) 925-4733
    2126 Nall St, Port Neches, TX 77651, (800) 925-4733
    1790 Texas Ave, Bridge City, TX 77611, (800) 925-4733

    4800 Fm 365, Port Arthur, TX 77642 (409) 722-4066

    8585 Memorial Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77640, (409) 727-4667
    4999 Twin City Hwy, Port Arthur, TX 77642, (409) 962-7858

    Bruce’s Pharmacy
    6001 39th St, Groves, TX 77619, (409) 962-4431
    There are several standalone emergency centers that provide testing and vaccines:
    Emergency Care Centers in Port Arthur, South Jefferson County