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    Government professor Triebel receives TSUS proclamation

    Triebel holding plaque surrounded by board of regents.
    The Texas State University System Board of Regents presented LSCPA Government Professor Mavis Triebel a proclamation honoring her during the recent Regents' quarterly meeting in Lost Pines, Texas. Pictured, from left, are TSUS Chancellor Dr. Brian McCall, Regent David Montagne, Regent Dr. Jaime Garza, Student Regent Leanna Mouton, Regent and Board Chairman Rossanna Salazar, LSCPA President Dr. Betty Reynard, Mavis Triebel, and Regents Garry Crain, Charlie Amato, Alan Tinsley and William Scott.

    Mavis Triebel, longtime Government professor at Lamar State College Port Arthur, was surprised with a proclamation issued by the Texas State University System Board of Regents during its quarterly meeting on August 17 in Lost Pine, Texas.

    A special reception will take place Tuesday, November 20, at the Carl Parker Center Banquet Room, as part of a proclamation presented by the Texas State University System Board of Regents earlier this year. The reception will be from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Mrs. Triebel will also be recognized with a presentation at halftime of the men's basketball game. That game tips off at 7 p.m. in the Parker Center against North American University.

    The proclamation was issued as a result of Triebel’s being selected as the Leon Jaworski Award winner by the Texas Bar Association earlier this year. This prestigious state-wide award recognizes individuals or groups for their outstanding contribution to Law Focused Education in the state of Texas.

    Triebel has led the LSCPA-sponsored Citizen Bee competition for the past 30 years, a contest that tests high school students on their knowledge of government, law and current events.
    Jaworski is a Texas attorney whose greatest fame came as a Special Prosecutor during the Watergate scandal. He was also an ardent volunteer, which inspired the annual Jaworski Award.

    Triebel traveled to the quarterly meeting under the guise of delivering a report on the TSUS Council of Faculty Senates. Once she took the podium, Regent Dr. Jaime Garza started the presentation to Triebel’s surprise.

    Following is the text of the Resolution:

    Board of Regents
    The Texas State University System
    Ms. Mavis T. Triebel

    Whereas, Ms. Mavis T. Triebel has long demonstrated caring for others and dedication to serving her community, imbedded Texas values and hallmarks of the American academy; and,

    Whereas, Ms. Mavis T. Triebel earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Administration degrees, as well as her Texas Teacher’s Certificate for Secondary Education, from Lamar University and has served on the Lamar State College-Port Arthur faculty for over 30 years; and,

    Whereas, Ms. Mavis T. Triebel has, for 30 years, mentored the Lamar State College-Port Arthur team in the Citizen Bee competition that tests high school students on their knowledge of government, law, and current events – a state-wide competition, which representatives of her team have won for 12 successive years (2006-2017); and,

    Whereas, Ms. Mavis T. Triebel has given of her time and talents to many educational, charitable, and community organizations, including service as president of The Texas State University System Council of Faculty Senates (2000-2017); member of the Texas Community Colleges Teachers’ Association Legislative Committee (201102916); and vice president of the East District Texas Council of Faculty Senates (2010); and,

    Whereas, Ms. Mavis T. Triebel has brought great honor to Lamar State College-Port Arthur and the Texas State University System, earning two of our state’s most prestigious academic accolades: the Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award (2012) for superior college-level teaching, and the State Bar of Texas’ Leon Jaworski Award (2018), which recognizes outstanding contributions to law-focused education in the State of Texas;

    Now, therefore, be it resolved that Ms. Mavis T. Triebel be hereby recognized for her unique academic achievement of winning both the Minnie Steven Piper Professor Award and the Leon Jaworski Award and publicly acknowledged for her career of service to her College, colleagues, and students; and

    Be it further resolved, that the President of Lamar State College-Port Arthur proclaim a day during the fall 2018 semester as Mavis T. Triebel Service Recognition Day.

    Adopted by the Board of Regents of the Texas State University System this seventeenth day of August 2018 at Lost Pines, Texas.

    /s/ Rossanna Salazar, Chairman
    /s/ William F. Scott, Vice Chairman
    /s/ Charlie Amato
    /s/ Garry D. Crain