Citizen Bee celebrates 34th competition on March 5

March 05, 2024

2023 Citizen Bee

The 2024 Citizen Bee competition will name a new set of winners after the Tuesday, March 5, event.

The 34th Annual Citizen Bee competition will take place on March 5, 2024 in the Sam and Linda Monroe Performing Arts Center on the campus of LSCPA. TotalEnergies serves as the main sponsor of the competition.

Students compete individually in the Citizen Bee, a test of their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and other important documents, people, issues, civic values, and current events.

The event consists of a one-hour individual written examination, followed by oral questions in a virtual forum conducted on the LSCPA campus.

All of the questions and answers for the written and oral exams were available in the on-line study guide provided by the Law Focused Education, Inc., State Bar of Texas.

Port Arthur Mayor Thurman “Bill” Bartie will present a proclamation designating March 5 as Citizen Bee Day in the City.

Dr. Tina Capeles, political science instructor at LSCPA, returns to coordinate the event with a steering committee consisting of instructors and administrators from LSCPA.

Total Energies sponsored the event, as they have for many years, providing funding for the competition itself as well as the prize money presented to the winners.