James L. Powell

Photograph of James Powell

James L. Powell

Instructor I

Business and Industrial Technology

Other Credentials

Type Credential Organization Date Issued
Certificate of Completion: Industrial Rescue 11/2/1998
Certificate of Completion: 16 Hour HAZMAT Technician Refresher Training 1/12-13/2005
Yearly Incident Command Certificate of Completion: Industrial Rescue Instruction Systems 2001-2006
Certificate of Completion: Industrial Fire Training Lamar University 4/7-8/2004
Certificate of Completion: Critical Thinking Program 2004
Process Operator Velsicol/BASF 1976-1977
Process Technician BASF 1977-1986
Shift Leader BASF 1986-1992
Process Technician BASF 1992-1997
Relief Process Technician BASF 1997-2000
Production Supervisor BASF 2000-2006
Certified Notary Public
North American Process Technology Alliance Certificate 2016 - 2019
Certificate of Completion: industrial Fire Training Beaumont Emergency Services 1992-2006
Simtronics Certificate Lamar Institute of Technology 2013

Institutional Affiliations/ Professional Societies

  • NAPTA (North American Process Technology Alliance) Member, 2010-Present
  • International Society of Automation (ISA), 2016