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Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Paralegal

Teacher standing in front of projection screen.
Paralegal A.A.S. Degree

Doneane Beckcom, J.D., Program Coordinator
Student Center Building, Office 415
(409) 984-6548

The Paralegal Program provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to function successfully as a paralegal in law offices, corporations, government offices and private industry. Paralegals (legal assistants) are not attorneys and are prohibited from practicing law. They work under the supervision of attorneys. Upon completion of the program, students receive an Associate of Applied Science degree. 

Recommended Program of Study
Course Title SCH
First Year
Fall Semester
BUSG 2305 Business Law/Contracts 3
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
LGLA 1307 Introduction to Law and the Legal Professions 3
MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics I 3
POFT 1127 Introduction to Keyboarding 1
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking 3
Spring Semester
XXXX x3xx Humanities/Fine Arts 3
ITSW 1301 Introduction to Word Processing 3
LGLA 1345 Civil Litigation 3
LGLA 1355 Family Law 3
POFT 2312 Business Correspondence and Communication 3
Second Year
Fall Semester
ACCT 2301 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
LGLA 1401 Legal Research and Writing 4
LGLA 2303 Torts and Personal Injury Law 3
LGLA 2313 Criminal Law and Procedure 3
GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
Spring Semester
LGLA 2339 Certified Paralegal Exam Review 3
LGLA 2388 Internship – Legal Assistant/Paralegal 3
LGLA 2433 Advanced Legal Document Preparation 4
XXXX x3xx Social/Behavioral Science 3
Total 60