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The deadline for Spring scholarship applications is January 1st.

Please note that priority will be given to those applications submitted by the deadline.

LSCPA Scholarship Application


Applicant Contact Information

Students must have submitted an application for
admission to LSCPA through Apply Texas and have a
valid LSCPA Student ID number (ex: P00******)
to apply for any scholarships.
( ) -
( ) -

Academic Information

Do you have a high school diploma or GED?:

Have you attended any other college/university?:

Financial Information

Employment Status:

Have you applied for Finanical Aid with LSCPA?:

MISC Information

Are you related to any employees or Texas State Board of Regents?:

  • If I am awarded a scholarship, I understand that I will be contacted via email ONLY for the term(s) for which I applied. Phone calls and written correspondence will not be sent out to applicants.
  • I also understand that if I am selected to receive a scholarship award, I must submit a thank you note via email to my donor for each semester that I am granted an award.
  • I understand that I must be enrolled in courses for the semester that I have chosen in order to be considered for a scholarship award.


* After submitting you scholarship application you will receive an autoreply email stating that your application was successfully received. If you do not receive an autoreply email, your application was not received. Please note that award decisions will only be disclosed via the email addresses provided on your scholarship application. Make sure your email address is accurate.