Scholarships FAQ

Scholarships are gifts. They don't need to be repaid. There are thousands of them, offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, religious groups, and professional and social organizations.

Yes. LSCPA has a number of regional, endowed, and general scholarships available. To apply, fill out the Scholarship Application.

Students can apply for LSCPA scholarships by completing the LSCPA Scholarship Application. To be strongly considered, students are encouraged to answer all optional questions on the application.

How to Log Into Scholarship Manager

Currently enrolled LSCPA students and newly admitted students, including returning, transfer, and international students.

Students who are taking 12 or more credit hours during a semester.

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours to qualify for scholarships; however, some scholarships require full-time enrollment.

Students must have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA in order to qualify for scholarships at Lamar State College Port Arthur.

Students may be awarded more than one scholarship at a time depending upon the amount of the scholarship(s) being received, as well as on the financial need of the student.

If awarded, students will receive an email to their LSCPA account notifying them of the award offer(s). This email will have next steps that need to be completed by the deadline.

How to View and Accept Your Award

Scholarships at LSCPA are applied directly to the student's account to pay for tuition, fees, books and miscellaneous charges. All tasks must be complete and the student must be enrolled in courses to receive the scholarship funds. Scholarships can not be applied and disbursed to your account prior to 10 days before classes begin.
Scholarship funds tat are managed by Lamar State College Port Arthur (DAR, PAIG and Dunham) are mailed to the school address that the student provides. All in-house scholarships are applied to the student's account to pay for tuition, fees and books. Any overage of funds will be sent to the student in a refund.

A scholarship will affect your other student aid because all your student aid added together can’t be more than your cost of attendance at your college or career school. So, you’ll need to let your school know if you’ve been awarded a scholarship so that the financial aid office can subtract that amount from your cost of attendance (and from certain other aid, such as loans, that you might have been offered). Then, any amount left can be covered by other financial aid for which you’re eligible.

Students must be continuously enrolled to remain eligible for their award.

While most of our scholarships are internal opportunities only, there are select scholarships that are transferrable to external institutions, such as the Dunham & Dunham Memorial and PAIG Advisory Group Academic Scholarships, or Eber Ephlin Scholarship.

(Select your scholarship above to complete the Scholarship School Transfer Form.)

While most of our scholarships are internal opportunities only, there are select scholarships that allow students to attend any college of their choice, such as Dunham & Dunham Memorial, PAIG Advisory Group Academic, and Capt. William Sanders Chapter – DAR.

Scholarship Checks can be mailed to the Scholarship Office:

P.O. Box 310, Port Arthur, Texas 77641

Checks should reference the student's name and ID number.