Transfer applicants are considered for admission on the basis of their previous college records. Applicants must submit a completed "Application for Admission" form, and official transcripts from all colleges previously attended. Transfer applicants must be in good standing with all institutions previously attended. Students on scholastic or disciplinary suspension from another institution must petition the appropriate dean or Vice President for Academic Affairs for individual approval. Contact the Admission Office for further information.

Students transferring from a Texas public college or university are subject to the same TASP requirements that apply to current students. (See special TASP section for details). Therefore, transfer students from Texas public colleges and universities who began their college careers in the 1989 fall semester or later and who have accumulated at least nine (9) hours of college-level credit must have TASP scores on file. Otherwise, enrollment will be limited to remedial and/or other courses which will not count toward graduation.

Students transferring from a non-Texas public college or university who began their college career with the 1989 fall semester or later will have to take the TASP test either before or during the semester of enrollment in their nine (9) credit hour of college-level course work at Lamar State College-Port Arthur.

Credit earned at other accredited institutions will be considered for credit at Lamar State College-Port Arthur according to the following guidelines:

  • All courses, whether passed, failed, or repeated, are used in calculating the cumulative grade point average of "D" may not count towards graduation.
  • Acceptance to Lamar State College-Port Arthur does not constitute acceptance to a particular degree or certificate program.

Transfer of Credits

Credit earned at another accredited institution is acceptable for transfer and may be used to meet degree requirements, provided the courses are applicable to the curriculum in which the student enrolls. A student who has accumulated a grade point deficiency at another institution(s) and who is admitted on probation, will be required to make up the deficiencies at Lamar-Port Arthur. In order to graduate, a student must have a 2.0 grade point average on all work attempted, on all work attempted at Lamar-Port Arthur, on all courses in the major, and on all courses which may be counted for the degree.

Grades from other institutions are recorded as received. No grade is changed.

Academic Fresh Start

Applicants seeking transfer admission and who have academic credits or grades that were earned ten or more years prior to the semester in which enrollment is sought may elect to seek entry under the terms of academic fresh start. Under this policy the applicant may petition the Office of the Registrar to not consider, in the admission process, course credits or grades earned ten years or prior. Applicants seeking entry under this section will not receive any credit for courses taken ten or more years prior to enrollment. Applicants applying under academic fresh start are subject to all standard admission and testing criteria applicable to persons seeking admission.

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