Legal Studies (Paralegal)

The Paralegal Program provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to function successfully as a paralegal in law offices, corporations, government offices and private industry. Paralegals (legal assistants) are not attorneys and are prohibited from practicing law. They work under the supervision of attorneys. Upon completion of the program, students receive an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Transfer of courses is limited to 5 of the 10 paralegal (WECM) courses. Transfer students are required to enroll in at least 3 of the 6 required legal specialty courses at Lamar State College Port Arthur, which must include the capstone course, LGLA 2388 Internship.

NOTE: Students transferring paralegal/legal studies classes to Lamar State College Port Arthur must conform to the program’s ABA-approved degree. The following courses: LGLA 2388 Internship, LGLA 1401 Legal Research & Writing, and LGLA 2433 Legal Document Preparation will be evaluated to ensure that the courses were taught in a traditional (or synchronous manner). If the courses meet the guidelines, then transfer credit will be given; however, if the courses do not meet the guidelines, students will have to take the specified courses at Lamar State College Port Arthur.

Program Outcomes

  • Understand legal terms and the paralegal’s role in the legal environment.
  • Apply correct drafting procedures to transactional and court documents.
  • Demonstrate appropriate ethics and professionalism in the legal environment.
  • Exhibit the ability to use computer skills.

Critical Thinking
Empirical and Quantitative Reasoning
Social Responsibility
Personal Responsibility
Ability to Research
Conflict Resolution
Professional Ethics and Confidentiality
Computer software

Career Information

A degree in Paralegal opens opportunities in Corporate Law Assistant, Legal Analyst, Litigation Paralegal, Paralegal Specialist, Real Estate Paralegal, Legal Assistant.

The paralegal profession is one of the fastest-growing career fields in Texas and the United States. Law firms are not the only businesses using the services of paralegals. Corporations and government agencies now extensively hire paralegals. A trained paralegal serves a lawyer in the same way a nurse practitioner assists a doctor. The paralegal performs duties previously done only by a professional, including drafting documents, preparing for trial, interviewing clients and witnesses and conducting legal research. Paralegals (legal assistants) are not attorneys and are prohibited from the practice of law. Paralegals work under the supervision of attorneys.


Recommended Program of Study: Associate of Applied Science
Course Title SCH
First Semester
LGLA 1351 Contracts 3
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
LGLA 1307 Introduction to Law and the Legal Professions 3
MATH 1332 Contemporary Math 3
POFT 1127 Introduction to Keyboarding 1
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking 3
Second Semester
ARTS 1301 Art Appreciation 3
ITSW 1301 Introduction to Word Processing 3
LGLA 1345 Civil Litigation 3
LGLA 1355 Family Law 3
POFT 2312 Business Correspondence & Communication 3
Third Semester
ACCT 2301 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
LGLA 1401 Legal Research & Writing 4
LGLA 2303 Torts and Personal Injury Law 3
LGLA 2313 Criminal Law & Procedure 3
GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
Fourth Semester
LGLA 2339 Certified Paralegal Exam Review 3
LGLA 2388 Internship: Paralegal/Legal Assistant 3
LGLA 2433 Advanced Legal Document Preparation 4
SOCI 1306 Social Problems 3
Total   60

Recommended Program of Study: Certificate
course title sch
First Semester
LGLA 1351 Contracts 3
LGLA 1355  Family Law  3
LGLA 1307 Introduction to Law and the Legal Professions 3
POFT 1313  Professional Workforce Preparation  3
EDUC 1300  Learning Framework 3 1
Second Semester
LGLA 1345  Civil Litigation 3
LGLA 2313  Criminal Law and Procedures  3
LGLA 2303  Torts and Personal Injury Law  3
POFT 2312  Business Correspondence & Communications  3
BMGT 1325  Office Management 3
Total   30

Students may pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Students may pursue certification as a legal assistant

What kind of salary can I expect?

According to O*NET OnLine the median salary for paralegals is $22.87 an hour. Other areas of the state have a slightly higher salary range.

How long will the degree take?

The typical amount of time to complete an associate’s degree is two years. A certificate usually takes one year to complete.

Do you have job placement help?

LSCPA does provide job assistance. We have a job board that all students can access throughout their time at school.

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