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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is calculated based on the number of semester credit hours which the student registers. It is determined by the student’s classification as a Texas resident, a non-resident U.S. citizen or a nonresident who is a citizen of another country. Students also are responsible for paying several fees that support college services and programs. The tuition rate varies based upon the residency status of a student.

The tuition rate for resident and non-resident students is listed below.

Texas resident $50 per SCH
Non-Texas resident $470 per SCH
Designated Tuition (Texas and Non-Texas Resident) $30 per SCH

Summary of Expenses

Each student must plan a budget carefully. It is possible to attend Lamar State College Port Arthur on a modest sum and yet participate in most of the College programs. To assist in planning expenses, the following estimate is furnished as a guide.

Texas resident enrolled in 15 semester credit hours:
Tuition and Fees Amount
Tuition $1,200.00
Student Services Fee  75.00
Student Center Fee  30.00
Institutional Service Fee  465.00
Parking Fee (if desired) 40.00
Books 210.00
TOTAL $2020.00


Texas resident enrolled in 6 semester credit hours:
Tuition and Fees Amount
Tuition $  480.00
Student Services Fee  30.00
Student Center Fee  12.00
Institutional Service Fee 186.00
Parking Fee (if desired) 40.00
Books 84.00
TOTAL  $832.00

View the current catalog for detailed information on Tuition and Fees.