Short Term Loans

Lamar State College Port Arthur provides short-term loans for students waiting on financial aid, or unable to pay all of the down payment required for the installment plan. The Short-term loans are for 60 days and designated to pay tuition and fees during registration and must be repaid within the semester in which the loan is made. Students withdrawing from the college remain responsible for the repayment of the short-term loan. Students interested in acquiring short-term loans should contact the Business Office for information and application forms. Application forms are also available for download below:

Once the short-term loan is applied, the student will not be dropped from classes for nonpayment. Students owing past due balances are not eligible for this loan. There is a $20 fee for the short-term loan. Late payment may also result in holds being placed on student records.

Delinquent obligations to the College will be sent to a collection agency and reported to credit bureaus. All costs of collections are paid by the student to the collection agency. Payment cannot be accepted by Lamar State College Port Arthur if the account has been forwarded to a collection agency.