Pathway to Excellence


Excelencia Center in the Ruby Fuller Building

We have, which is online tutoring service open 24/7, 365 days a year. It is FREE to all students, offers over 40 subjects, and includes the ability to upload an essay for detailed review. To access, you must go through Blackboard. On the left-hand side of all of your Blackboard courses where you would find your grades and email, you should also see an "Online Tutoring" link. Simply click that link and you will be brought to, where you can connect to a tutor or schedule a future session. We hope you will take advantage of this great service! For more information contact Trenida Lewis, at 409-984-6235 or

Our on-campus tutor is Gabriela Ghorayeb, who is located in the Ruby Fuller Building, Office 242A. She provides 1-on-1 tutoring and writing support during school hours. This service is also FREE to all students. If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment, you can contact Ms. Ghorayeb at or call 409-984-6245.

Peer tutors available upon request. For more information contact Trenida Lewis, at 409-984-6235 or

Laptops and Graphing Calculators are available in the Ruby Fuller Tutoring Lab, Room 242, for students to check out and use for their homework. Just have your student ID handy and you can check them out for as long as you need within the lab. Graphing calculators can be used while on campus, during class and in the tutoring lab. Please be sure to return laptops and/or calculators to the tutor in Office 242A.

Responsible for ensuring that students receive persistent, proactive, individualized mentoring, academic coaching and support throughout their time at LSCPA. We work together with students to help them identify and utilize their strengths to succeed at LSCPA. For more information contact Nini Tran, 409-984-6243 or

Provides communication and outreach to all LSCPA students to support student success. Promotes and inspire student success through personal example and increased student awareness and utilization of the success coaching services and other programs provided by the Pathway to Excellence.

For more information contact Alenka Lujan, at 409-984-6288 or

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Current and Future students can discover majors, in-demand careers and education based on their interest!

  • Take Career Assessments
  • Browse Careers
  • Browse Programs of Study
  • Build a Resume
  • Apply for jobs

  • Community Engagement Events
  • Summer Bridge Program
  • Parent Academy
  • Peer Mentors
  • Texas Success Initiative Assessment - TSI Prep courses
  • Supplemental Instruction Leaders - Peer Assisted Academic Support

For more information contact Andrea Becerra, at 409-984-6289 or

For more information contact:

Trenida Lewis
Trenida Lewis
Director of the Excelencia Center
Ruby Fuller Building, Office 235
(409) 984-6235

Gabriela Ghorayeb
Gabriela Ghorayeb
Ruby Fuller Building, Office 242A
(409) 984-6245

Nini Tran
Nini Tran
Success Coach
Ruby Fuller Building, Office 111
(409) 984-6243


Andrea BecerraAndrea Becerra
Outreach Coordinator
Ruby Fuller Building, Office 110
(409) 984-6289

Alenka Porras LujanAlenka Porras Lujan
Student Success Liaison
Ruby Fuller Building, Office 110
(409) 984-6288