Developmental Education

The Department of Developmental Education at Lamar State College Port Arthur (LSCPA) provides a comprehensive program of preparatory courses in composition, mathematics, and reading to help students acquire the basic skills necessary to complete a college-level course of study.

The Texas Higher Education Assessment Program is a state-mandated program designed to ensure that students have the academic skills necessary to perform effectively on college-level work. Therefore, LSC-PA requires that all students who do not meet one of the statutory exemptions be tested to determine their basic skill level in reading, writing, and mathematics. A student who does not pass one/any section of the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) is required to enroll in corresponding developmental courses based upon placement exam scores. 


Steven J. Zani
Chair of General Education and Developmental Studies
Education Annex Building, Office 133


Developmental Courses

Lamar State College Port Arthur is dedicated to providing compensatory education programs designed to fulfill our commitment to accommodate students with diverse goals and backgrounds. Developmental education courses are remedial instruction that prepare students to successfully complete college level coursework. They provide the knowledge and skills normally acquired at the secondary level. Developmental courses cannot, therefore, be used to satisfy degree requirements. The Developmental Education Department is responsible for developmental courses as well as activities in the Student Success Center.

Developmental Education Courses

  • DMTH 0110 Beginning Algebra
  • DMTH 0310 Beginning Algebra
  • DMTH 0314 Foundations of College Algebra
  • DMTH 0132 Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning
  • DENG 0110 Integrated Reading and Writing
  • DENG 0410 Integrated Reading and Writing
  • DENG 0301 Foundations of Composition