Commencement Regalia Guide

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All graduation candidates must wear black graduation gowns, caps and tassels ordered from the LSCPA virtual bookstore at Only stoles/cords provided and/or approved by LSCPA may be worn during the graduation ceremony.

Approved Stoles and Cords

  • Gold Stole - Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
  • Sapphire Blue Stole - Alpha Beta Gamma International Business Honor Society
  • White Stole with SGA Logo - Student Government Association
  • Red White & Blue Cord - Military Service
  • Black & Silver Cord - Student Advisory Board
  • Light Blue Stole - Vocational Nursing
  • Navy Blue Stole - Upward Mobility
  • Apricot Stole - Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society

International students have the option to wear a commemorative stole with their nation’s flag embroidered on one side, and the LSCPA official school seal embroidered on the other side. Flags may not be worn during the ceremony or while crossing the stage.

Cap (Mortarboard) Decorations may be personalized, however, caps must not display derogatory, indecent, profane images or words. Anything judged offensive by the Student Services Office will be prohibited. Graduation candidates will be asked to remove their cap AND may not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.


LSCPA understands that the student population is proud and diverse. If you wish to wear a stole other than an approved stole for cultural or heritage purposes, complete the online request form. A photo of the graduation stole/design must be uploaded to the form. Requests must be submitted to the Dean of Student Services at least ten (10) business days prior to the graduation ceremony. No late submissions will be considered.

LSCPA wants to respect your culture and allow you to represent yourself on this momentous occasion!

Cords and Stole Guidelines

  • Graduation candidates may only wear one approved stole in addition to the approved cords provided by LSCPA.
  • Cords or stoles are designated for members of registered student organizations, recognized honor societies, students with an international affiliation, members of athletic teams, and must be approved by the Dean of Student Services.
  • Programs or organizations who wish to seek approval for a new stole design must request approval from the Dean of Student Services at least 2 months (60 days) prior to the commencement ceremony.
  • The cost of a stole not issued by LSCPA is the responsibility of the organization or graduation candidate.
  • Stoles must be 3-5 inches wide and 68-74 inches long. The customization area on the left and right side of the stole may not be more than 12 inches long. Graduates may customize the middle OR bottom of the stole (see picture below for an example).
  • Stoles imprinted with the organization’s name, initials, and achievements must not display derogatory or offensive language or symbols, nor should they draw undue attention to an individual person or group that would detract from the occasion.
Stole Diagram

Please choose only Option 1 or Option 2 for your customization area.

You may NOT customize both Option 1 and Option 2 on the same side.