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The Seahawk Book Bundle begins in Fall 2021! Register for an informational session to find out more!

The Barnes and Noble Bookstore provides textbooks and other educational supplies for students and employees.

Due to construction, the bookstore is relocating to MMED 145 until the end of Summer 2021. 

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Coming in Fall 2021 - Seahawk Book Bundle

The Seahawk Book Bundle is a rental program that allows students to receive textbooks for all classes at a standard rate of $25 per semester credit hour. If a student, for example, is registered for 10 SCH, the cost of textbooks is $250. The cost can be paid by financial aid or be paid by the student. If students enroll in a payment plan, this charge will be included in the payment plan calculations. Supplies are not included in this program and will need to be purchased separately.

Books are picked up or delivered to the student’s address on file before the first day of class and must be returned during the week of final exams. However, students may also permanently purchase the textbooks at the end of each semester.

Students are automatically enrolled in the Seahawk Book Bundle at the time of registration, however, students have the option to ‘opt-out’ of Seahawk Book Bundle before the 12th class day. Students who opt-out of the Seahawk Book Bundle program will be responsible for purchasing all required course materials.

Register for an informational session to find out more!