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Seahawk Book Bundle

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Spring 2024 opt-out
deadline is January 31, 2024.

Save Money With The Seahawk Book Bundle

Lamar State College Port Arthur is working hard to save you money! The Seahawk Book Bundle is a textbook rental program that provides students with all required textbooks, manuals and access codes before the first day of class.

Only $24 a credit hour!

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A $10 per credit hour discount will be applied for Spring 2024, making the Book Bundle $14 per credit hour.

What's even better is this program is only $24 per credit hour, typically far less than purchasing textbooks, manuals and access codes online or in a store.

Compare, then decide

Students are automatically enrolled in the Seahawk Book Bundle and given the option to easily compare prices of materials on the open market. Once you have compared the numbers, you can choose to opt out of the Seahawk Book Bundle if you want.

Step 1: Compare Prices/Opt Out

Please note: If the course indicates “no textbook is required” then the market price is $0 for course material. If you do not opt out of the Seahawk Book Bundle, then you will still be charged the book bundle fee per credit hour for the course.

If you choose to opt out: The goal of the Seahawk Book Bundle is to provide discounted and guaranteed course material for the first day of class. We also realize this program may not meet the needs of every student. If you do not wish to participate in the Seahawk Book Bundle, you will need to opt-out every semester. The spring deadline to opt out is January 31, 2023. No adjustments will be made to the Seahawk Book Bundle charges on your account until after this date. 

Step 2: Confirm Your Order!

Login to your MyLSCPA dashboard and click the Seahawk Book Bundle card to view your order and verify your shipping address. All orders will be shipped. Shipping typically takes 1-2 business days. Please confirm your orders as soon as possible.

If you do not see the SBB card, click "Discover" on the dashboard menu and search for the card.

Barnes and Noble Bookstore

The Barnes and Noble Bookstore is now virtual. Purchase textbooks, supplies, apparel, and other items online at Check frequently for new offers and promotions like free shipping or 10% off!

You can also make purchases at the Beaumont location on the campus of Lamar University:

  • Address: Setzer Center - 4405 Jimmy Simmons Blvd., Beaumont, Texas 77710
  • Phone: 409-880-8342
  • Email:​

Facebook: Follow the Bookstore 

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