Mandatory Reporting

At Lamar State College Port Arthur, we take sexual misconduct (in all its forms) extremely seriously. Therefore, if any LSCPA employee, supervisor, or faculty member ("Responsible Employee") is aware of an allegation of discrimination or sexual misconduct, they are required to report incidents to the Title IX Coordinator. 


Reporting to Responsible Employees 

Before a victim or reporting party reveals any information to a Responsible Employee, the employee should ensure that the victim or reporting party understands the employee’s reporting obligations. If the victim or reporting party requests anonymity and confidentiality, the Responsible Employee should refer the victim to a Confidential Employee. 

If the victim or reporting party reports an incident to the Responsible Employee but also requests confidentiality or requests that the matter not be investigated, the employee should tell the victim that the College will consider the request but cannot guarantee that the College will be able to honor it. In reporting the details of the incident to the Title IX Coordinator, the Responsible Employee will inform the Title IX Coordinator of the victim or reporting party’s request for confidentiality.


Confidential Reporting

When considering reporting options, Victims should be aware that certain personnel employed by Lamar State College-Port Arthur can maintain strict confidentiality, while others have mandatory reporting and response obligations.

Laurie Marcantel, M.Ed., L.P.C., A.T.S.
Disability Services Coordinator
Student Success Center, Room 117
(409) 984-6241

Confidential source(s) listed above can assist in a crisis and provide information about possible resources, some of which may include law enforcement, medical assistance, psychological counseling, Victim advocacy assistance, and legal assistance.

More information about Confidentiality