Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help you, the employee, and your immediate family members with any type of personal problem(s) that might be affecting your life.    The EAP is being provided by Interface EAP, Inc.

Interface EAP, Inc.

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1‐800‐324‐4EAP (4327)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your employer values each of you as a person.  It is understood that from time to time problems affect everyone’s life and often assistance is needed in sorting them out.

Yes. Your EAP is totally confidential.    Interface EAP will not share any information concerning an individual’s use of the Employee’s Assistance Program with anyone in your organization, other family members, or any other person or organization, without the individual’s prior knowledge and written permission except as required by law.  The offices of the counselors are located off of your employer’s premises.

No. Your employer has contracted for this service as a benefit to its employees.  There is no cost to you for the EAP services.  Should you and your EAP counselor determine additional help is needed beyond the EAP, we will work to minimize cost to you.

You can reach the EAP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling toll free 1‐800‐324‐4EAP (4327) or the local Houston number (713) 781‐3364. Se Habla Español 1‐800‐324‐2490.

You may make this call for yourself or an underage family member.  The service also allows other adult members of your family to call.

When you make the call you will be put up in touch with a counselor who will set up an appointment for you at an office that is convenient to you.  We have counselors located in most major cities.  If you live in a smaller town where we do not have a counselor, we will locate one for you as close as possible within five working days.

The people who will assist you are not employees of your organization.  They are trained psychologist, family and marriage counselors, social workers and therapists specializing in people problems.

Talking to a third party can help.  Counselors understand the emotional development and problems of  individuals and families.  They use this knowledge to help you understand your individual situations, to determine what you would like to change about your life, and to assist you in making these changes.

The most important thing is to make the call.   You now have a FREE and completely CONFIDENTIAL source of assistance.

For emotional, behavioral, and/or mental health problems, the EAP will provide a free assessment(s) to clearly identify the problem(s) and resources available.  Based on this assessment, you will be provided with alternatives for resolving the identified problems(s).  Generally, problems will require either short‐term or long term assistance.  Short‐term assistance may be provided within the EAP without using your medical benefits or resources.  Problems requiring long‐term assistance will be managed by using your medical benefits and/or other resources.  In either case, a clinically trained case manager will monitor the treatment to ensure adequate and quality care is provided in the most cost effective manner.

Legal assistance is provided through an initial consultation with an attorney at no charge.   Additional legal services are provided at a reduced rate.  Counseling for financial problems is also provided.

  • Family Parent/Child and family member conflicts, serious illness in the family, aging parents, divorce and child custody issues, communication problems, domestic violence, relocation issues, and teenage problems.
  • Emotional Anxiety, depression, mood swings, death of a loved one, and victim of crime.
  • Work Interpersonal problems, job stress, and burnout.
  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse Excessive drinking, prescription and illicit drug abuse, and drug problems within the family.
  • Referral Services Home health care, financial counselors, attorneys, and many other community resources.