Storm Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness

Current Weather Conditions

Visit LSCPA’s Storm Safety page

Review LSCPA’s Hurricane Preparedness Manual

Hurricane Season is June 1 to November 30

Emergency Management constantly monitors numerous sources for the latest in tropical storm activity that could affect the Lamar Community.

We developed this site to provide resources and tips to be better prepared this hurricane season.

Download the Emergency Operations Plan

Questions?   Contact Emergency Management

Campus Security
Office: (409) 984-6255
Duty Phone: (409) 720-7369
Security Coordinator: (409) 460-3020
After Hours & Weekends: (409) 548-2048

Storm Preparation Tips

  • Stay up to date through the Lamar Alerts page, LU social media and LU Email.
  • Determine safe evacuation routes inland as well as alternative routes.

  • Review Shelter in Place plan, making sure Disaster Kit is fully stocked and fresh batteries & supplies are included.

  • Develop a communication plan with family, friends, and co-workers.

  • Advise Department Head of evacuation destination.

  • Have cash on hand for post-windstorm needs, such as buying food and supplies.

  • Make sure work station has necessary supplies in case called back to work before campus reopens.

  • Update Your Contact Info to Receive Alerts/Updates

  • Departments and Colleges should complete the Continuity of Operations form yearly.

  • Confirm updated contact and evacuation information for all employees. 

  • Review the Hurricane Plan and initiate any actions needed in this phase and ensure revisions are current for new activities involving materials that will be damaged or lost in the event of prolonged power or other utility outage.

  • Backup all computer files on a network drive or approved cloud-based storage program.

  • Ensure needed emergency/disaster supplies are available.

  • Verify all emergency or back-up equipment is operational and create/update list of emergency items.

  • Review specific roles and responsibilities with employees.