Procurement Services

Procurement Services is committed to maximizing customer service by assisting all departments with the procurement of goods and services that support the educational mission of the college.

The Procurement Services Department strives to provide the most efficient operations while adhering to all federal, state, Texas State University System, and college laws, rules, policies and procedures.

Solicitation Method

The solicitation method is generally determined by the estimated TOTAL dollar value of the product or services being purchased.

Dollar Range Solicitation Method
$0 to <$15,000 Open Market: Competitive quotes are encouraged, but not required. A purchase order can  be issued after a written quote is solicited from a single source. A good faith effort should  be made to include quotes from a certified Texas HUB vendor. 
$15,000 to <$50,000 Informal Bid*: A minimum of three written quotes are required. A good faith effort must be  made to include quotes from certified Texas HUB vendor. Award is generally based on cost &  delivery. Non-competitive methods may also be used, if appropriate.
$50,000+ Formal Bid*: A competitive solicitation may be required. A good faith effort must be made  to include quotes from certified Texas HUB vendor. Non-competitive methods may also be  used, if appropriate.

NOTE: The utilization of existing contracts that have been competitively awarded eliminates the need for bidding at the institution level.